Do Not Waste Cash On VMS Fleets

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When you virtualize your server, you can provide computing resources to every workstation in your network. Those computing resources are compressed into VMs (Virtual machines), and this can be deployed at the notice of a moment to enable you to add more users to your network. Nevertheless, there are a lot of risks involved when you are trying to handle …


Benefits Of SaaS To Your Law Firm

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Just as the technology industry continues to run on the part of advancement, more remedies are being developed to assist law practices in reducing cost and increasing efficiency. One of these remedies that serve as an IT support for law practices is SaaS (software as a service). To know how this new software solution can benefit your law firm, first, …


What You Need To Know About Google’s Integration With Citrix

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Now that Citrix is integrating with Google Cloud, healthcare IT professionals can work whenever and wherever they choose from their internet-enhanced devices, thanks to the availability of feature-rich cloud applications such as Slides and Docs in G suite. In a bid to effectively run virtual desktops and applications in a cloud-hosted environment, Google recently announced that it will be working …


Google Set To Make Its Cloud Services Faster

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From high-end data analysis to pre-written learning modules, the Google Cloud Platform can be basically used by medical IT support for any healthcare computing task. It can only be limited by your internet connection. Interestingly, Google cloud can now be accessed in less time with improved services. Thanks to its new approach to bandwidth management. Google Cloud Platform Like Microsoft’s …


Migration Of Unified Communications To Cloud-Based Platform

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Many organizations including healthcare services have adopted the unified communication, UC system on the cloud. They can virtualize data, extend network capacity and deploy new applications over this platform. Taking unified communications to the cloud is possible and cheap. It provides a better scaling model. This system enables healthcare services and other businesses to set up communication features at different …


Cloudbleed:  A Potential  Risk To Your Data

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Cloudbleed is the result of an error in Cloudflare’s code which resulted in the spill of millions of personal information, login credentials and cookies all over the internet. The bug was recently discovered by the internet security company (Cloudflare), and since then, they have worked to minimize and containing the security risks. As it stands, it appears that the hackers …


What Has Google’s ‘Always Free’ Cloud Platform Got To Offer

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Businesses looking to develop, customize, and manage applications for growth can leverage the services of a cloud platform to do so. These cloud services which are commonly being made available by Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have been designed to meet a myriad of business’s needs. Just recently, Google introduced a more captivating alternative for its own Cloud …


How Microsoft And Citrix Are Making Waves

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The newest partnership between Citrix’s virtualization client and Microsoft’s cloud platform are currently the next big thing in the industry. This is aptly going to be a win for everyone, according to the recent announcement made at the annual partner Summit organized by Citrix. Though Citrix most famous product, XenDesktop and Microsoft’s build-it-yourself cloud platform, Azure may not be common …


Understanding The Benefits Of Cloud Technology

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  The cloud is a digital storage area, which allows individuals and businesses to access their data remotely from internet connected devices. Although primarily used for data storage, the cloud can also serve as a host for applications, reducing the storage and in-house technology needs of companies. There are many benefits to cloud based technology, and for there are many …

Experience the Best Data Storage & Cloud Backup Solutions

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Every business (irrespective of its size) takes the issue of data recovery and backup very seriously. However, it is expedient for both small and large organizations to ensure that their active data is regularly backed up so as to preserve data integrity, stay compliant and avoid losses. However, lots of storage capacity is sure to be claimed with onsite data …