Disaster Recovery Services In West Palm Beach: Dropbox Releases New Features

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Don’t worry about transferring files from your local storage to another and concentrate on work; this tends to be the new tagline of Dropbox for the latest features it just introduced: Smart Sync and Showcase. This new feature has a lot to offer when it comes to storage space. The feature has promised to provide you with unlimited storage space …

Mobile Devices and Medical Records Safety

Are Medical Records Safe On Mobile Devices

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Increased health care needs and constant collaboration between various medical departments are two of the main reasons why large medical practices and hospitals have integrated a mobile policy into their medical care administrative practices. This means an increased use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets in daily interactions with patients. But as the number of health care offices …


5 Ways To Protect Your IoT Devices

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In recent years, smart gadgets seemed like novelty products to wealthy business owners. But the case is different now as Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly taking over as people connect everything from their cars to home automation systems and the Internet. These devices are starting to change the way we live and work. Whether is a smart TV or …


Prevent Ransomware With HIPPA Compliance

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As a result of new technological development in the world today, a great number of industrial firms are constantly under threat of recent cyber-attacks. One of the sectors that has been mostly affected by this development is the healthcare industry. Recently, it was discover that healthcare organizations and hospitals were among the first industries to be greatly affected by the …


How To Hurricane Proof Your Business

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Hurricane season can spell trouble if you are not prepared for it, whether you live on a coast or inland. Mostly around September and October, the peak hurricane season runs. So, it won’t be a bad suggestion to have a review of your commercial insurance coverage, and healthcare IT so as to ensure you don’t have any gaps during such …


Seven Tips For Avoiding Data Loss On Office 365

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Regarding Health Care IT, Microsoft knows the value of your business data and the result of losing it which is why they have released a range of compliance and security tools for Office 365 users. However, considering the growth of sophistication and rate of data breaches, the Office 365 cloud security options may not be enough to secure your files. …


Reasons Why Professionals Need To Back Up Their Mobile Devices

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  With new features being added to mobile devices daily, they now perform a wide variety of functions. They are, in fact, the new extension of PCs and laptops. A lot of people perform daily business functions using their phones. Smartphones are not just smart; they are portable, easy to carry around and are also quite efficient. Why do You …


The Importance of Cloud Data Backup Storage for Your Business

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As companies deal with the ever increasing amount of information being generated each day, the face one daunting fact: with no data, they don’t have any business. This is why it’s so crucial for any business to have modern and dependable systems in place to protect valuable business information.   A recent research study conducted by Spiceworks found that data …

Experience the Best Data Storage & Cloud Backup Solutions

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Every business (irrespective of its size) takes the issue of data recovery and backup very seriously. However, it is expedient for both small and large organizations to ensure that their active data is regularly backed up so as to preserve data integrity, stay compliant and avoid losses. However, lots of storage capacity is sure to be claimed with onsite data …