IoT Security Problems For Healthcare

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From smart appliances that work with mobile applications to help patients to take their drugs on time, IoT (Internet of Things) is becoming ever-present in healthcare. However, the expansion of IoT comes with new security challenges, risks, and vulnerabilities for patients and healthcare staff. The Security Risks of IoT Devices that have the data of patients are very appealing targets …


Virtual Containers: The New Trend In Medical It Support Systems

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The advent of virtualization in the mid-90s’ made large data-processing more efficient and cost-effective as large server farms could be set up to process megatons of data from anywhere in the world. Bigger companies took advantage of this to get ahead of their competition. Over the years, however, virtualization has transcended beyond the reach of only the big hitters to …


Amazon Appstream 2.0 And The Healthcare Industry

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These days, the working environment is no longer restricted to the four walls of an office. People now work from the comfort of their homes as they commute to work, and sometimes during a vacation. This is applicable even in medical practices and healthcare. It is a robust development that creates an avenue for better service delivery. One of the …

Mobile Devices and Medical Records Safety

Are Medical Records Safe On Mobile Devices

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Increased health care needs and constant collaboration between various medical departments are two of the main reasons why large medical practices and hospitals have integrated a mobile policy into their medical care administrative practices. This means an increased use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets in daily interactions with patients. But as the number of health care offices …


Safeguarding Information On The Electronic Medical Records

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Health care is changing as well as the tools used to better coordinate the care of patients like you and me. During your last visit to the doctor, you will have noticed that your doctor writing notes on the computer or laptop to the electronic medical record (EHR). With EHR there is an opportunity for patients to obtain improved coordinated …


Prevent Ransomware With HIPPA Compliance

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As a result of new technological development in the world today, a great number of industrial firms are constantly under threat of recent cyber-attacks. One of the sectors that has been mostly affected by this development is the healthcare industry. Recently, it was discover that healthcare organizations and hospitals were among the first industries to be greatly affected by the …


6 Key Protective Measures Every Mac User In The Medical IT Sector Must Be Aware Of

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Unarguably, the business of medical IT support is fast evolving technologically in a pace that is threaten to medical IT support businesses that can’t adapt. The business environment in the medical IT support is extremely delicate due to sophisticated cyber criminals and heavy competition from equally or better competent competitors. Security and safety of your computer is apparently paramount to …


Migration Of Unified Communications To Cloud-Based Platform

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Many organizations including healthcare services have adopted the unified communication, UC system on the cloud. They can virtualize data, extend network capacity and deploy new applications over this platform. Taking unified communications to the cloud is possible and cheap. It provides a better scaling model. This system enables healthcare services and other businesses to set up communication features at different …


How Can Big Data Help Healthcare It Applications?

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The only industry growing as fast as the healthcare industry right now is information technology and web development. Healthcare is growing because of significant need in the United States population as the elderly demographic continues living longer and demanding more of the latest treatments available. The web and information technology is growing because of how powerful and versatile it is. …


Healthcare It: A World Of Robots

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All over the world, people and organizations are striving for excellence in the most amazing ways. Tech companies have created platforms and software which not only help people save time, but also help organize offices, schedule meetings, etc. This software organizes interactions and communication between teams to ensure productivity. Microsoft Teams Scheduling Assistant acts as a scheduler. With it, meetings …