Hangout Or Skype- Which VoIP Provides The Best It Support For Law Practices?

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Technology giants Microsoft and Google have always been contenders in many aspects. Both companies have achieved significant technological developments. They are also neck to neck in cloud computing, productivity software and learning. When it comes to video conferencing, technology, Microsoft and Google have developed exclusive software for online communication with a focus on video calls. Both have similar calling and …


Technology Advice For Law Firms: Router Vulnerabilities

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These days, posts about how antivirus software fails to protect you from malware are often seen online. This is not just a scare tactic; there is news about the different ways techniques hackers use to break into people’s computer system that antivirus solutions are not able to detect. For instance, the router exploits kit leaked recently from the CIA. For …


Why Legal Firms Should Be Proactive In Their IT Department

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Network security should be beefed up by security professionals. The security professionals should be implementing firewall software as well as diagnosing risks for breaches all the time. The truth is that they spend a significant amount of time with troubleshooting on individual computer devices. That system of handling issues is not the optimum. However, this is the regular way it …


The Importance Of Hyperconvergence Infrastructure In Law Firms

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The importance of hyperconvergence infrastructure in a Law firm cannot be overemphasized; it has a diverse ways of ensuring a fast and efficient flow of services in and out of the firm. Some of its features are: software-centric computing, unified administration, streamlined upgrading and stronger data protection Hyperconvergence is the joining together of a number of virtualization services, it is …


The Benefits Of IT Support For Law Firms

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It has become necessary for companies, especially law firms, to look past their own IT team and outsource their IT department completely. A lot of companies have already made the paradigm shift and more are still making it. The advantages of the shift are just too overwhelming. There are numerous benefits of IT support for law firms. It is more …