6 Advantages of Using VoIP for Business

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It is very important that an efficient healthcare system have a cost-effective solution to their communication network. If operating cost is high, it will directly affect the quality of healthcare delivery which could affect millions of lives. So it is imperative to find a much more affordable communication solution(s), if you are still using traditional phone system. That is where …


How Your VoIP System Can Be Protected From Phishing

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Your healthcare practice might be well secured from phishing scams that are email-based, but your Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) should not be neglected. Hackers can disguise themselves by using phishing scams as a representative of health care providers and convince the employees of the healthcare service to give them confidential information through a VoIP call. Your healthcare IT department …


Hangout Or Skype- Which VoIP Provides The Best It Support For Law Practices?

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Technology giants Microsoft and Google have always been contenders in many aspects. Both companies have achieved significant technological developments. They are also neck to neck in cloud computing, productivity software and learning. When it comes to video conferencing, technology, Microsoft and Google have developed exclusive software for online communication with a focus on video calls. Both have similar calling and …


Amazon’s Expected Smart Devices Will Take Telecommunication To A New Level

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Plans to launch the new Amazon phones are in top gear. These phones will be released anytime soon. After a failed attempt, Amazon is now set to hit the VoIP market once again. The company now plans to use its Alexa technology for their new phone system. Amazon will make use of artificial intelligence technology to release a smart speaker …


Is There Any Need For Handsets In Voip-Enabled Offices?

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Modern business telecommunications have been greatly influenced by “follow-me” features from VoIP vendors. Now many healthcare organizations are experiencing increased efficiency at reduced costs because their office workers are currently allowed to answer one phone number from multiple devices. Thanks to the availability of internet-based phone solutions. Despite all these, the question still remains – is there still any need …

Why You Should Switch to VOIP Services

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Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) has significantly improved communication between customers and businesses. VOIP services are portable and cost-efficient means of communication. You stand to benefit from switching to VOIP services from the conventional telephone systems. Your company shall have a better communication system that allows you to connect from any place across the globe without switching the phone number.   …