Disaster Recovery In Fort Lauderdale: The Alliance Between Sap And Microsoft

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Microsoft and SAP have dabbled with different technical alliances for over 20 years. In 1997, the CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates, spoke to 3000 participants from about 25 countries. He stressed the crucial role that SAP plays in the alliance. He stated that no other brand has had such an impact on the development of products at Microsoft. In 1993, …

Why You Need A Computer Support Technician In West Palm Beach

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Generally, the PC is a system that comprises of three units namely Memory, Outcome Tool and Central Processing Unit. There are quite a number of things your personal computer can do for you. It can be designed to perform logical functions and mathematics. Apart from that, there are also a variety of problems that can be fixed through computer systems. …

The Role of Computer Support Specialists

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As technology has created new ways of connecting, adapting, and offering feedback to the things around us, a Jetsons-like world is quietly evolving; this world offers ways for us to control everything from our cars to our light-switches, and even offers the possibility for our cars to turn on our light switches as we arrive home. The Internet of Things …


Android Time Wasters That Are Actually Good For Your Brain

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As smart phones become more and more prevalent, the wide variety and number of apps available through the Google Play store becomes astounding. A simple keyword search for email, as an example yields 13 pages of results in a browser window. Actually, there are probably more than that, our researcher counted to 13 and said “that’s a large enough sample.” …

5 IT Services In West Palm Beach You Can’t Live Without

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There are a lot of IT service providers in West Palm Beach and they can do amazing things for your business. If you’re like the average small business, you don’t have a large payroll. Most of what needs to be done is done by you – and perhaps a small staff. IT isn’t something you can guess at, and turning to …