Troubleshoot Your Wi-Fi With Ease Using These Tips

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The use and importance of a Wi-Fi router in healthcare IT¬† or in general use cannot be overemphasized. It is used to send emails, check vital information, connect with other healthcare agents over the internet, etc. Therefore, the Wi-Fi should be able to deliver at very high speed. But then, when the Wi-Fi isn’t working as expected, it might be …


Ransomware Attack Hit Healthcare For The Second Time

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There seems to be no lasting solution in sight to the series of malware attacks ravaging the cyber security space. Attacks that have proven to be very much successful in times past are still reutilized today by persistent hackers who are not relenting on their oars to develop malware. The Locky ransomware was recently revived by hackers who are currently …


6 Key Protective Measures Every Mac User In The Medical IT Sector Must Be Aware Of

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Unarguably, the business of medical IT support is fast evolving technologically in a pace that is threaten to medical IT support businesses that can’t adapt. The business environment in the medical IT support is extremely delicate due to sophisticated cyber criminals and heavy competition from equally or better competent competitors. Security and safety of your computer is apparently paramount to …