What Businesses Can Expect From Ai-Powered VoIP

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Automating the business process has become a necessity for most enterprises. While the human element remains an integral part of business processes, automation increases the marketing time and saves your business money. Additionally, because telecom is an important part of the operation of any business, AI developers are beginning to introduce advances in VoIP telephony designed to take automation at …


Enjoying Easy Access To VoIP Solutions For Business In Fort Lauderdale Through Partnership

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Actually, it can be quite challenging to use a VoIP connection mainly for the purpose of faxing. This is simply because fax data needs to be transmitted in the actual time of occurrence. Transmitting over IP will require a compression of the data. Unfortunately, this can result in a failure to send faxes and also lead to the loss of …


Is Total UCaaS A Part Of Your Small Business VoIP Solutions In South Florida?

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VOIP solutions in South Florida for small business have morphed into Unified Communications as a Service as technology has developed. Small business owners expect their IT services manager to handle all the issues that arise in UCaaS. Monitoring, trouble shooting, benchmarking, and using a session border controller are four of the major factors that small business needs to be aware …


Cybersecurity Consulting in Boca Raton: The Intel Security Flaw is Affecting Your Business Too

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If you work in Cybersecurity Consulting in Boca Raton you will be aware of the latest Intel specific hardware bug potentially affecting your system. It allows userspace applications to access protected memory in the kernel and slows you down. No Small Business can afford time lost when systems are on a go slow. Time lost means profits go down. We must identify and work on the problem …


How The Modern Enterprise Can Enhance Blockchain Technology With Cybersecurity In Fort Lauderdale

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The year 2017 witnessed a remarkable transformation in the history of digital currencies particularly Bitcoin. In mid-November, Bitcoin attained an all-time high exchange rate of $7,800 proving its supremacy as the king of cryptocurrencies. The year also witnessed the creation of a second digital token known as Bitcoin Gold which was simply due to a lack of consensus on the …


How Disaster Recovery In Fort Lauderdale Can Help DevOps Succeed With AWS Migration

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Today, most external consultants and IT teams are faced with the relatively challenging task of migration enterprise to Amazon Web Servers (AWS). Basically, this is common DevOps tasks facing the industry. Typically, it’s easy to find a firm seeking to migrate an old IBM mainframe that is over two decades old onto AWS. How to get started When it comes …


Cybersecurity Consulting For Law Firms In West Palm Beach

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A few years ago, people who needed unauthorized access to password-protected websites often obtained “bot logs” on lease from criminals through an underground forum. These criminals develop malware that can steal the credentials of a victim from information entered into Web-based login forms. User passwords stored in web browsers can also be stolen by these bot log sellers, enabling them …


Cybersecurity In Fort Lauderdale: How Artificial Intelligence Affects Business

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AI is currently the center of attraction in the business world. Many people believe that it will replace core segments of the workforce. Others believe that it will support the knowledge workers of today and provide capabilities beyond the capacity of a human being. There is some truth in these statements. Tata Consultancy Services conducted a poll that showed that …


Cybersecurity Consulting In Boca Raton And Emerging Tech In 2018

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Much of the “new” tech that was hyped in 2017 will become a reality for Small Business in 2018. IBM, Google, Microsoft and several small companies are poised to present new tools and functionalities that can truly revolutionize Small Business. This is a real profit revolution not a tech revolution. A major problem with new tech has always been security. …


Former Botmaster, ‘Darkode’ Founder Is The Cto Of Hacked Bitcoin Mining Firm ‘Nicehash’

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On 6 December 2017, $52 million worth of digital currency disappeared mysteriously from the possession of NiceHash, the Slovenian company that allows their users to sell computing power to help people mine virtual currencies. Many NiceHash users are surprised to discover the CTO of the company was incarcerated for operating as well as reselling a huge botnet. He also created …