The Costs Of Your Server Going Down

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The modern business requires reliable servers in order to operate at full capacity and while some neglect the importance of proper computer network support, the costs that are associated with a prolonged server outage can cause serious grief for a business that is not properly prepared for such an occurrence. Unscheduled downtime is a worst case scenario, especially for a …


How Can You Protect Your Business From Viruses And Malware?

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Cyber-attacks against small businesses have become rampant and are now a cause for concern as it puts businesses at risk. For this reason, small businesses request the services of computer network support engineers to beef up their cyber security systems. What are the impacts of computer viruses and malware and how can small businesses be protected from it? Malware includes …


The Importance Of Dedicated It Support For Small Businesses

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Running a small business requires a lot of prudence in spending and a well-structured standard operational procedure to excel. Time and again, studies have indicated that small businesses don’t employ IT staff; obviously in a bid to keep their overhead cost at minimal. Big businesses on the other hand spend heavily on IT upgrade and maintenance, as they realize how …


Data Breaches And How Computer Network Support Can Help

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Data breaches are events where sensitive, confidential or protected data are potentially being stolen, viewed, or used by someone unauthorized to view it. Data breaches can involve personal health information, personally identifiable information, intellectual property or trade secrets. The most common data breaches occur when an attacker hacks into a business network to take sensitive data. Though, not every data …


The Role Of Network Computing In Eliminating Data Breaches

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Gone are the days when for something to be stolen by a thief, they had to be physically present at the location and then literally cart away any and all things that they might have robbed their victims of. We have left the Stone Age long ago and in this computer age, there is a different kind of threat that …


Why A Company Needs To Look Past Their Own It Team

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There are several important reasons a company needs to outsource their IT department. More companies are now waking up to that reality. Some of the reasons for this paradigm shift have been outlined below. Fixed cost Outsourcing the IT needs of a company gives them a fixed cost as the service provider usually bears all the contingent expenses. The company …


Virtual CFOs Call For Computer Support

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Both virtual and real CFOs now call for computer support because of the inherent benefits of computer network support as against having an in-house IT team. Although the benefits are innumerable, some of them have been outlined below. It is cheaper The purpose of all businesses is to maximize profit and reduce cost to the barest minimum, so outsourcing your …


5 Reasons For Outsourcing It Support

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While most businesses do not think about outsourcing IT when they are making their initial staffing decisions, there are a number of benefits to be enjoyed. Outsourcing computer network support and cloud services support offers a wide range of advantages, so let’s take a closer look at the five reasons why IT services related to computer support and cloud support …


How Managed IT Services In West Palm Beach Pays For Itself

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Many business owners consider technology as a secondary issue to their core business. The stark reality in the modern world is that if your technology crashes your business does too. Your business can not manage clients, produce new sales, create advertising, keep track of inventory, or find new clients without computer network support, computer support, cloud support, or cloud services …


How Computer Network Support Can Assist With Viruses

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For companies that work with information technology, viruses can be a serious problem to contend with. This is why many firms use cloud support to reduce the loss of data from virus attacks. A computer virus is essentially a software program that affects the functions and data of a computer and also interferes with computer operation. It can also be …