4 Similarities Between Pokemon Go And It Outsourcing

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In West Palm Beach, the new Pokemon Go game has experienced a wide acceptance just like how business managers embraced IT support outsourcing. This is because the game has several similarities with IT Support in West Palm Beach. In fact, it is the major features that make them beneficial that they both share.

Multiple Access Allowed

The first similarity is multiple access at the same time. In Network Support in West Palm Beach, several clients can make use of certain services remotely at the same time without leaving their locations. It is the same with Pokeman Go. Over a thousand players can be on it at the same time and it won’t reduce the quality and runtime of the game. It is the same way an IT Support service provider can do a remote system upgrade for all its clients at the same irrespective of their locations.

Room for Customization

Even though companies may render the same kind of services or produce the same kind of products, no two organizations are 100 percent similar. In other words, every individual, client and organization is unique. So, IT Support providers also render the same unique IT Support service to every client. Pokemon Go has room for uniqueness too.

It allows players to select the combination of features they want in their avatars. Apart from that, the kind of avatar a player gets depends on his or her location. For instance, water-type pokemon are found when the player resides near water.

Use of Central Server

Even though players have to download the game app before they can play it, what they are actually downloading is the friendly user interface as all the commands they issue first hit the game’s central server before they get required response. This is why the game is location based. Therefore, when your device packs up, you can still access your exact Pokemon account via another device with your unique ID.

The same applies to IT Support outsourcing. Clients’ files and records are stored in the IT provider’s central server. The major advantage of this is that clients’ databases are safe even if their office premises get burnt down or attacked.

Ease of use

What attracts clients and customers to new services most is convenience or ease of use. No matter how great a service or product is, it may not sell if it is very difficult to use. So, IT Support Providers in West Palm Beach make their services very easy to understand and use by their clients in addition to giving them regular usage training.

Pokemon Go is not only interesting, its user interface is also very friendly and easy to understand by a lot of players. This is why it has encountered over 30 million downloads in less than a month of release.