6 Key Protective Measures Every Mac User In The Medical IT Sector Must Be Aware Of

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Unarguably, the business of medical IT support is fast evolving technologically in a pace that is threaten to medical IT support businesses that can’t adapt. The business environment in the medical IT support is extremely delicate due to sophisticated cyber criminals and heavy competition from equally or better competent competitors. Security and safety of your computer is apparently paramount to keep your files intact and your work going smoothly. Below are six tips to help your Mac computer stay safe and secure.

Basic Security and Privacy Protection;

Use the search bar below the left side of your home screen to search the words (Security & Privacy), choose the first option which will lead to four tab options (1. General 2. FileVault 3. Firewall 4.Privacy). These four tabs control major aspects of your computer’s security. To make changes to the default settings, check the bottom of the screen for the ‘padlock’ icon and input the system username and password.

Enable firewall;

Most cyber threat are imposed through unsecured incoming network connections, most of which enabling Firewall prevents. The mistake made by most Mac users is that Firewall is enabled by default, which is wrong in some cases. To enable Firewall, go to (System Preferences) then click (Security & Privacy pane) click the ‘padlock’ tab on the bottom left of your screen and input username and password, then click (Turn on Firewall). To make your computer system invisible on public networks, click the (Enable Stealth Mode).

STRONG Passwords;

To set or reset passwords, go to (General) in the (Security & Privacy settings). For best result, set the (Required Password) field to (Immediately) as this makes it compulsory to enter or re-enter password upon launching or waking of your system from shutdown or sleep mode.


This powerful feature gives easy access to your files which can be dangerous in case of physical theft or spyware on your PC or mobile Mac. It is best to disable (Automatic-Login) from (Security & Privacy settings).

Authorizing Applications;

App authorization is by far the most efficient way to get exposed to security threat, as most “useful apps” ask for ridiculous permissions which users often don’t vet. Go to (General Settings) tab to access the three authorization options. The safest and advised option is to authorize only apps from the App Store to run, there’s almost no functionality that isn’t on the App Store.


This function gives users the power to encrypt and de-crypt user files using the recovery key or user account password. This makes it impossible for any third party to read the file, except with its password. To do this, switch the (FileVault) option on, under (Security & Privacy). This is especially important for vital private files.

Safety and security are undoubtedly key to maintaining and establishing a successful business, especially in delicate IT support businesses like in the Healthcare sector.