7 Tips To Help Improve Your Data Security

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Each year, security breaches and cyber-crime cost businesses millions of dollars and continues to ruin their reputation. IT supports in Fort Lauderdale are looking for ways to provide solid data security for businesses. Let’s look at 7 ways that small business can improve and update their data security.

  1. Better Password Protection

As simple as passwords are, they are the first line of defense for data protection. The commonly held belief is that passwords should be random, complex and lengthy. Creating strong passwords beats changing poor ones on a regular basis. Regardless, businesses should change their passwords a couple of times a year.

  1. Employees should be Educated

Make should employees understand what the organization expects from them. Create a detailed process that shows how to handle customers, employee information as well as the type of information that can be given out. They should also avoid opening suspicious links or emails, and develop the habit of removing unauthorized apps. Employees should also make sure they keep sight of mobile devices at all times.

  1. Adopt a Strong Firewall

From payment terminals connected to the internet all the way to customer information that is obtainable online, having a strong firewall protection is vital. According to My Digital Shield, the only thing a lot of standard firewalls do is track incoming traffic. Your business needs a system that can protect outgoing traffic that contains customer’s financial information.

A firewall is like a screen that monitors and blocks access from unauthorized sources. An antivirus software will provide a deeper level of protection. Antivirus software detects, prevent, and remove all types of harmful items like spyware, Trojan horses, and viruses.

It is vital that you install only the best antivirus software to protect your data. Good software still needs to be updated and monitored regularly but they’ll basically run themselves so you’ll have less to worry about.

  1. Keep Mobile Phones and Laptops Secured

Mobile devices today contain almost as much vital data as those in computers. These data used in mobile phones, tablets, and laptops are much more vulnerable since they are used off-site. As a business owner, IT support in Fort Lauderdale can help make sure your employees take the necessary steps to secure their device.

  1. Backup your data Regularly

You should complete regular backups to secure your data. Your data should be backed up weekly at the least with incremental backups occurring more frequently. You want to have a local backup as well as an offsite backup. The onsite backup will give you immediate access to lost or deleted files. While the offsite backup provides data in situations of fire, theft or natural disaster.

  1. Know Your Legal Obligations

As a business owner, the responsibility of protecting certain types of data falls on your shoulders. So when data is compromised, you can be held liable. The FTC together with some Federal and State statues now require businesses to play a key role in the prevention of data breach.