A Device That Makes VoIP Easier To Use

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There are many challenges faced by providers of VoIP hardware, but one of the most popular is the confusion experienced by users who are more familiar with traditional devices. These users oftentimes find VoIP phones somewhat intimidating.

Although VoIP comes with a wide range of functionalities and options, employees in any business or enterprise that is introducing this new system may find themselves at a loss when it comes to the usage of the system.

This has been a major issue, forcing some VoIP hardware providers to think of the best way out. One of such companies is a provider of Broadband aggregation, SD-WAN, IT support in Fort Lauderdale and VoIP. After series of research and assessment of customer feedback, the company believes it may have come up with a perfect solution, one it calls Key System Emulation. The aim of the Key System Emulation is to make the Plain Old Telephone Service, also called POTS, to convert to VoIP as easy as possible.

The system comes with certain key features, some of which includes synchronization of parking orbits between phones and a one-button use for parking calls in orbit. A LED is used for reflection of parked and free status. The system also allows users to be able to pick up parked calls from any available phone.

A network endpoint engineer for the company described the emulation system as a product that helps customers to transition to VoIP while still keeping the traditional functionality. The system is able to achieve this by offering an interface which is familiar and on an attractive user-friendly phone.

The key system emulation forms part of an existing suite of VoIP endpoints that has since been developed by the company with the aim of providing an increased efficiency, scalability and reliability, and in the process reducing the overall costs.

Since 1999, the Legal/Law firm has been a dominant force in the telecommunications marketplace and has been responsible for the provision of hosted PBX/IP PBX, IP Phones, and hardware, digital voice portals, IT support in Fort Lauderdale, virtual phone system, and SIP trunking, among other services. Recently, the company launched a channel partner program, which has schemes such as the referral partner scheme and a program for managed service providers.

Key takeaways

– For employees who are accustomed to the traditional means of handling phone calls, the introduction and implementation of advanced VoIP systems in a business can be both intimidating and confusing.

– Although the VoIP system comes with tremendous advantages, one of which includes time-saving, there is still a need for a transition period during which employees can come to grips with these advantages through the use of simpler devices.

– Typically, the VoIP system comes with a wide range of options which may not be useful to employees. This device helps to provide a simplification which comes at the endpoint, such that traditional phone functionality is been provided with some VoIP technology, without overwhelming employees.