Amazon Virtual Desktops In Health IT

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Since the dawn of the computer age, developers have consistently strived for two things in the advancement of computers; greater speed and greater computing power. The processing speed of computers has risen by more than 100 folds since computers became known to man. Yet more speed and computing power are needed to meet the growing needs of a technological age.

Although virtualization is not a new technology, as it goes as far back as the 1960s, its popularity has soared tremendously recently. Virtualization is the process whereby a computer (host) houses a virtual machine (guest) which behaves like a real machine and has its own operating system. The advantage of virtualization is that it helps save cost as less number of servers are needed.

There is no way one can talk about advancement in the field of virtualization without mentioning the Amazon Web Services (AWS). What it strives to achieve is to provide end users with the benefits of virtualization while giving them tremendous computing power.

To achieve the desire of a faster computing power, companies would need to spend more on high-end hard wares. Therefore, companies would have to pay more to get the speed that their businesses need. With the AWS virtual desktops, such challenge is history. Users can now use their low-end hardware to connect to a cloud server provider that offers virtual desktops.

These services come in two packages. The Standard Package allows users to use their low-end hardware to connect to a virtual desktop with dual CPUs, 130gb of space and 4+gb of RAM, for a price of $43 per month. In layman terms, this means users who can afford this subscription fee can run programs on their virtual desktops that would normally have exceeded the capacity of their physical desktops. This is suitable for Healthcare IT or other small to medium sized companies. All that is needed is a computer and an internet connection.

The second package is more advanced and is for businesses that require even more computing power. The Workspace Power Bundle provides users with a machine that has the power of four CPUs, 275GB of storage space and 16+GB RAM. AWS target customers for the Power Bundle are developers, but can also be beneficial for big businesses that want to enjoy tremendous benefits of their database. For its greater computing power and service, the Power Bundle comes at a higher price of $78 per month for unlimited usage, or $19 per month and 68 cents per hour if it is needed for only a couple of days.

Both packages benefit from excellent data access speed, as the server housing, the AWS cloud storage is in the same location as that which houses the AWS virtual desktops.

Even if you are just in Medical Practices and in need of some Healthcare IT, or your company is in the clutch top 10, your business can certainly benefit from a more affordable and faster computing power.