Amazon’s Expected Smart Devices Will Take Telecommunication To A New Level

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Plans to launch the new Amazon phones are in top gear. These phones will be released anytime soon. After a failed attempt, Amazon is now set to hit the VoIP market once again. The company now plans to use its Alexa technology for their new phone system. Amazon will make use of artificial intelligence technology to release a smart speaker and phone all in one piece.

As mentioned earlier, this is Amazon’s second attempt at breaking into wireless phone industry. However, this attempt will be different as they intend to make use of their own technology this time. The launch the phone is anxiously awaited by medical IT support providers as the devices have a lot of benefits for hospitals and other healthcare providers.

Amazon first broke into the telecommunication industry with their 3D-enable Fire Phone. Despite the publicity of that preceded the release, the smartphone failed right from the point of release. It didn’t make enough sales to remain in the market.

This time, things will be different. Amazon has concluded plans to launch smarter and even more practical wireless telecommunication technology. This technology will be the platform on which their smart speaker devices will operate. Some of the expected smart speakers are Amazon Echo, Echo Show and Echo Dot.

A mobile number will be linked to each of the Alexa devices that already have capabilities to alert users of incoming calls and to answer the calls through the smart speaker. Users will also be able to place calls by issuing commands to the devices. The most striking feature of the devices is their inbuilt ability to use their voice based recognition mechanism to identify users. This feature is unprecedented. This will obviously be the major selling point of the devices.

It is worthy of note that despite the technology involved, the core communication service will still be provided by the mobile carrier. Alexa devices will only be serving media just like how virtually all VoIP communication technologies work.

The voice-control technology makes Alexa devices an attractive choice. Even though they are not the first to make use of such technology, they have integrated it into their devices and this gives them a big advantage over other artificial intelligent devices. Medical IT support providers will be looking out for the Echo Dot since it is for those who use devices that support variety of Internet of Things like the healthcare providers.

The voice recognition ability of the phone makes it better than the rest. With this smart device, doctors or other medical practitioners will easily recognize their patients without having them introduce themselves. This is very important as a patient may be using his last breath to call. The device can also be useful in medical facilities as it can help to send a message or monitor calendar for patients’ appointments.