Android Features You Won’t Find In iOS 11

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Apple’s iPhone has some key features that are great for IT support in law practices, and they are still planning to launch the new iOS 11 later this year. With all the great features like a friendlier user-face, drag-drop functionality, a lot of Android users are still not tempted to replace their Android devices with an iPhone.

Most Android users would argue that as much as the iPhone is good for IT support in law practices, the Android is also a good. There are a few tools the Android operating system possesses that the new iOS operating system lacks, and most law firms and legal practitioners cannot do without these tools.

Here are some of the common Android features you won’t find in iOS 11;

  1. Local photo deletion

Apple’s iOS has a handy way to sync videos and photos to iCloud. This storage function is a big help for users who have low storage devices. Although this function is improved for the iOS 11, the storage space cannot be compared to that of android’s photos app.

The Android ‘free up space’ ability allows Android users delete local files stored on their smartphones with a single tap and also allows them back up their photos to the cloud.

  1. Multiple profiles

With Android smartphones, users can create multiple profiles; this is good for legal/law firm’s smartphones given to staffs. The multiple profile feature of Android is ideal for users who want privacy; they can create an individual password and profile. This way the risk of having your vital apps and files compromised is greatly reduced.

Because the new iOS 11 is trying to copy the desktop environments, it does not include the multiple user functionalities.

  1. Screen search

Android smartphones allow users search for info by clicking on the button, “what’s on my screen?” in Google assistant. It is very useful for users who need an all-inclusive search result and also provides results that are related to whatever the user is viewing on their screen. But the iOS search “spotlight” permits instant web searches just on highlighted text.

  1. Customization

The new iOS 11 would include a lot of improvement for iPad users, but they should not expect customization features that go beyond changing their home screen wallpaper. Customization/personalization has been an Android thing for a very long time; users can personalize their themes, color, and even their fonts. iPhone users can also get to enjoy the ability to personalize their devices beyond their home screen, but they might have to wait a while for other iOS releases that would have that feature before they can enjoy it. Android users have been enjoying the ability to customize their devices for years.