Android Time Wasters That Are Actually Good For Your Brain

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As smart phones become more and more prevalent, the wide variety and number of apps available through the Google Play store becomes astounding. A simple keyword search for email, as an example yields 13 pages of results in a browser window. Actually, there are probably more than that, our researcher counted to 13 and said “that’s a large enough sample.”

While most would consider an email app hardly a time waster, there are a plethora of apps that are exactly that, and today we’re going to look at 3 apps that may seem like time wasters, but are actually good for productivity because they stimulate your brain, and make the player think in new and creative ways.

1. Brain It On, from Orbital Nine is an amazing little physics game that requires the player to solve an increasingly complex series of puzzles. The premise is actually pretty simple: Using physics, and a limited number of tools, complete an action, such as “Tip The Cup Over.” The fun part is when the player realizes, they have to create their own tools, using their fingers to draw simple objects to interact with pieces that are already in the game and will react fairly normally to gravity. There aren’t any power ups, or cheats that can be used, just your fingers and ingenuity to accomplish the goals. If you get stuck on a particular puzzle, the option to watch a video ad exists, and in exchange, the player will be shown a hint to get them through to completion.

2. Infinity Loop by Infinity Games is an infinitely playable puzzle game. Your goal? To complete a pattern. The problem? You’ve got no idea what the pattern is supposed to be. All the player is given is a series of pieces that can only be rotated, but can’t be moved that are supposed to interconnect and form a pattern. The puzzles grow more and more complex and the game progresses, and new pieces are introduced into the mix, so that the player gets a chance to see which pieces will connect with each other, and how they move. Similarly to Brain It On, this game encourages its users to think outside the box, and while physics aren’t involved, it will help with problem solving, as well as recognizing patterns within a seemingly chaotic environment.

3. Roll The Ball from BitMango is an addictive combination physics/puzzle game that presents the player with a fixed set of pieces, and a steel ball to navigate through a simple maze. The twist? Some of the pieces are fixed in place, and very often in inconvenient places that make in seem impossible to accomplish the goal. As with the aforementioned apps, this aesthetically pleasing little game requires problem solving and non traditional thinking to accomplish its goals, stimulating your mind, while allowing you to relax at the same time.