Apple Product Reveal

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It is almost that time of year again: Apple is going to be releasing their whole new line of tech. Every year feels like such a huge event. It all started with Steve Jobs who would orchestrate the whole grand event. He brought us the iPod, iPad, iPhone…all in those giant reveals. Now tech bloggers line up for the chance to be the first on the scene to report the new products.

Of course, leading up to the big event is tons of speculation. This year, word on the street is that headphone jacks will be eliminated…how will that work and how many people will be bringing their phones to IT specialists to figure it out? What will the new iPhone be called? Will we be onto the iPhone 7 already? Will they come out with a new iPad? Will it be pro or mini? There are so many unanswered questions.

When the big reveal does come, pre-orders start pouring into Apple…and IT services begin working on all the old machines that customers bring in, because whenever a new product goes on sale, it starts a whole new tech eco-system, where many people repair and sell their old items to get the new ones.

We here in Florida are excited about the big reveal. You never know what new innovative technology the Apple reveal will bring and how it will shape the way we work and communicate. As tech grows, we can always count on these reveals to bring us the news in an exciting way.