Apple’s New IOS 11 Has Just Raised The Bar

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Apple is expected to release iOS 11 before the end of 2017. Of course, there will be many new features and improvements on some old features too. This is the usual trend with Apple. Most of the new features will be on user interface. The new iPad Pro that is meant to be a standalone computer will have all the new features.

Although iPad was originally designed for individual users, it has undergone several metamorphoses through multiple versions since it was first manufactured. However, the biggest metamorphosis will be seen in the upcoming iOS 11. A few of the new features to expect have been outlined below.

All old iOS platforms were strictly designed for online mobile devices, the new iOS 11 will be more desktop-friendly. This means the user interface will have several similarities with that of Mac desktop. One of the major benefits of the new desktop-friendliness is multi-tasking ability of the new devices.

The operating system will allow users to view several programs at the same time in a split views. This feature will be useful for medical IT support. A doctor will be able to watch the heartbeat rate and other body statistics of a patient all at the same time. This is necessary for patients in intensive care unit.

The Files app will be very helpful for medical IT support providers that make use of several cloud storage facilities like OneDrive, Google Drive or even Dropbox. All the files and databases can be retrieved, managed and even shared within just one platform on the new iPad Pro. It is believed that the app will be very similar to the Finder folder in Mac operating systems.

Drag and Drop capability is another fantastic feature that is expected to come with the new iOS 11. The feature is not in any iPad. With this feature, users will not need to have all their apps displayed on the screen. This will also enhance seamless transition from one mobile device to another.

At this point, it is not yet clear if these new features will attract non Apple users to consider a shift to Apple products. It is not certain if Apple will include all these enterprise features in the design of subsequent versions. However, whether the new operating system attracts new users or not, it is certain that the new iPad Pro will be a force to reckon with as a standalone enterprise computer.

Many healthcare centers are already making use of iPad. The new features will make it easy for all Apple devices to work in-sync with one another. This could also shoot up the demand for iPad as it will become a fantastic tool. In the design of previous operating systems, Apple focused on individual users but the new iOS 11 has all its focus on enterprise users.