Avoid Thieves Pretending To Be IRS Leveraging Tax Preparers, Client Bank Accounts To Scam People

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Of late, many gullible individuals have had their online accounts hacked by scammers specializing in tax refund fraud. They basically file phony refund requests to unsuspecting clients of several computer-support-and-cyber-security-west-palm-beachtax preparation firms. Posing as a collection agency, these criminals will contact those clients whose accounts have been hacked once money has been deposited into their bank accounts. Deposits are usually made after the IRS has processed the return.

These crooks pretend to be acting on behalf of the Internal Revenue Service as collection agency officials. They typically call taxpayers to demand that the money deposited into clients’ bank accounts (which they claim was done in error) be returned. Individuals who are most affected are those who had money deposited into their bank accounts as fraudulent tax refunds. Recipients are often threatened to forward the money to the collection agency or face criminal charges.

Every year, many US citizens are affected in their thousands – they fall prey to tax refund fraud. These scammers are always quick to get ahead of their victims. Most times, the affected persons only get to know about the crime when they’ve had their returns rejected. Worse still, anyone can be a victim of refund fraud including those who are not due to a refund from the IRS, as well as individuals who are not required to file a return.

These are crooks who specialize in breaching tax preparers accounts to pull out large sums of money from their clients. Many of these people get refunds even without applying for them. Recent findings have shown that the transfers were usually sent from local tax preparers whose accounts were apparently hacked or phished.

In a bid to make the scheme look official, the phony collection agency would refer those who received the fraudulent IRS refunds to their newly registered domain – jcdebt(dot)com – where they try to explain the matter to unsuspecting clients. The site usually provides a list of some personal data which include the client’s account number, bank routing number, bank name, address, Social Security Number (SSN), and recipient’s name. Other information includes date of the transaction, the amount involved, and a case number.

Recently, tax preparers were issued a warning by the IRS compelling them to beef up their security due to increased attacks. The IRS warned about a “quickly growing scam” and encouraged tax preparation firms to consider excellent tech support in West Palm Beach. Currently, banks are working with their affected clients to shut down phished accounts and create new ones for them.

These cybercriminals are trying all they can to access clients personal information and account details. It is best to consider working with credible tax preparers with improved tech support in West Palm Beach so as to avoid receiving erroneous refunds.