Benefits Of Creating A Virtual Windows OS On Macintosh

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The purpose of running a Windows OS on a Macintosh PC is to avoid compatibility issues. The most efficient way through which you can install a specific OS on any system is virtualization. Below are some ways that synergy is created between the both platforms.

Get the device configured with just a few clicks

With software such as Parallels and VMware, IT support for law practices is made easy because installing a Windows OS on you Macintosh PC is just as simple as creating a new MS word document. Deciding on the amount of RAM and hard drive space to dedicate to your virtual OS is a very easy and user-friendly process. For instance, you can allocate memory to your Windows partition by moving a marker on a color-coded scale based on what your visual software recommend. As soon as you complete these steps, click on the finish tab and the remaining process will be configured for you.

Image-in-Image Computing

Older solutions of Operating System virtualization makes you to choose the platform you want to use by displaying the available platforms on the system when the computer is just booting up. Once you choose the OS you want to use, you cannot switch platforms unless you restart the system again. Now, you can launch Windows just as if you are launching a desktop app. This comes in handy when you want to work with the two operating systems simultaneously. You can adjust the screen of your PC into two and use each half for Macintosh OS and Windows OS.

One other reason why this is a very important IT support for law practices is that it enables you to run different Windows versions at the same time. One-half of your screen can be running an older version of Windows, and the other half can be running on Window 10.

The Support of Touchbar

The touchscreen customizable feature that comes with the latest releases of Apple’s systems is a better way of creating shortcuts and improving productivity. Virtualization apps now come with support for Touch Bar, and it can be used to interact with applications on your virtual windows OS. For instance, Parallel virtualization program comes with a Touch Bar support button for launching Cortana (the AI assistant of Microsoft). Alternatively, you can make use of the touch screen keyboard of Apple to switch between your virtual operating systems.

Single App Mode

Containers are subsets of virtualization solutions that enable you to grant a single app access instead of the whole operating system. Single app mode allows administrators grant employees access to a windows partition that has only one software installed.


Saved Windows configurations are referred to as snapshots. If any partition of your Windows OS gets infected with a virus, restoring a snapshot takes the system back to its original state. This is much quicker than installing a new OS, and you don’t need to put in your Windows product key again.