The Benefits Of IT Support For Law Firms

PC Network Solutions IT Support for Law Firms

It has become necessary for companies, especially law firms, to look past their own IT team and outsource their IT department completely. A lot of companies have already made the paradigm shift and more are still making it. The advantages of the shift are just too overwhelming. There are numerous benefits of IT support for law firms.

It is more cost effective

The first and most important reason you need to scrap your IT team is lower cost. Outsourcing your IT activities is much cheaper than paying some IT staff full time. Imagine how much you have to cough out in basic pay and allowances to your IT staff even though they may not have to work every day. But if you outsource your IT department, you only need to pay a fixed monthly fee.

Strict adherence to budget

If your computer support is provided by a third party company, there will be no unexpected expenses. All contingencies will be borne by the computer support team. So, you will be able to adhere strictly to the company’s budget.

You will enjoy the services of seasoned IT professionals

All third party Computer network support teams often make use of the best, most experienced certified IT professionals. Your company may not be able to hire this caliber of professionals on your own. But through the third party arrangement, you will enjoy their services at no additional cost apart from your monthly charges.

There will be a regular update

It is part of the responsibilities of your third party computer network support team to update your applications regularly. The update could be about fixing bugs or plugging security loopholes. The best part is that it is done remotely without coming to your office to interrupt your business activities and it does not incur additional cost.

Why this updates are important is that it is one of the ways through which your system is protected from hackers and all forms of malwares and viruses. Hackers keep researching for loopholes and a technique that hinders them today may not be effective tomorrow. So, the best way to keep hackers at bay is to ensure that your system is regularly updated. Another reason for a regular update is to correct certain anomalies. For instance windows file explorers now harbor ads.

This can be annoying and distracting for a lawyer who is studying for a very important case. The provider of their IT support would have turned it off the ads during one of the regular updates. This phenomenon is pretty new but might not linger for long before Microsoft shuts it down because of the level of condemnation it generated.

Even if your IT partner turns off the ads for your official workstation, it is necessary to know the steps as you may encounter the issue on your personal laptop too. The steps are:

  • On the top of the file explorer window, there is a ribbon. Select “view” from the ribbon
  • Thereafter, click “options” at the right hand side of the window
  • A new window will come up. Select the view tab from the new window
  • Go to Advanced Settings window pane and then scroll down to “Show sync provider notification”. It is usually selected by default so you should deselect it
  • Finally, you should click “Apply” and close all the opened windows and dialog boxes.

It is as easy as that.

Safety of your database

The most valuable item of any company is its database. When a third party IT service provider handles your IT activities, your database will be housed in their central server. This implies that if disasters like fire or flood damages your office premises, it won’t affect your database since it is in a remote location.

Little or no redundancies

If you outsource your IT department, you won’t need to purchase IT hardware that you really don’t need. Your IT service provider will provide all the necessary hardware. So, looking past your IT team is a great way to save a lot of cost and to also maximize productivity as you will be free to concentrate fully on your core business.

In conclusion, the importance of IT support for law firms cannot be emphasized. It will take all the IT activities from your work schedule and allow you focus only legal activities. This leads to more productivity.