Benefits Of Using Google Post For SMBS

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In this present tech-age, most enterprises entirely depend on the real time digital environment to keep up with their client requirements. Healthcare IT has become an essential part of this initiative. Google post is a new mechanism that can assist just about anyone with their businesses and daily activities. It is potentially a game-changing platform for Healthcare IT. No wonder both the small and medium businesses enjoy the benefits of this movement.


Basically, Google Posts allow users to relate directly to search results. This is different from the knowledge aspect since you can highlight information, services, products or content. These posts can be videos, images, and even animated GIFs. You can also add online links on your post to boost traffic to a particular page, product or service.

According to Google, this unique format allows prospects to directly hear from you even as you complement the existing search results over the web. Originally, Google Posts was supposed to be for the candidates of the past presidential election of 2016, however, after some few months, Google decided to give it out to a particular number of local companies (it has since gained popularity). These are just the major driving factors behind the widespread acceptance of Google post.


Your posting show instantly in search results, both on the desktop and mobile platforms. Whether they are events, texts, images, or videos, you can always schedule the duration of the post without any hassle. This is a welcomed development that provides fast-track access and can be very useful whenever you are planning a product launch. You can always choose a pop-up store and also run a promotional campaign. Additionally, Google Analytics will update you on the total number of viewers that saw your content.

The Difference From Google+

Google+ helps small businesses by working closely with Google Search engines to boost the ranking of whatever content you have on search results. It integrates with Google for any service to offer business information (such as photos, location, reviews, directions, phone number, photos, and reviews). The difference with this new development and others is the interaction (as you can directly communicate in the search results).

Google is yet to officially announce when Google Posts will be made available to the public. Notwithstanding, if you would like to make use of it for your small or medium scale business, you can always request for permission. If Google supports your kind of company category or geography, it will check some of the information presented by you and keep you fully updated on the state of your approval through your electronic mailbox. You can expect the first feedback within the timeframe of one week after submitting the form.