Beware Of Gift Cards That Are Tampered With When Buying

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Prepaid gift cards are very popular and well-appreciated presents, but before you buy any gift card, make sure you take a look at it very well to ensure no one has tampered with it. A regular scam that usually comes up during the holidays involves criminals who remove the decals that obscure the redemption code of gift cards and then replace it with a fake. This will allow them to transfer or redeem the balance of the card online after unwitting customer purchase the gift card.

A few weeks ago, there was a report from a gift card shop. Someone came up with the report after finding out that most of the gift cards he brought out of the display rack in the gift card shop show some indications that they have been compromised.

They obscured the redemption code of the gift card with a watermarked sticker; the watermarked sticker is there so it will be obvious if the card has been tampered with. But when he pulled the gift cards off the display rack, the stickers on most of the cards have been peeled off and replaced with fake ones.

He was able to spot some fraudulent gift cards that were on display, each of the cards he spotted had their stickers peeled and replaced. He was lucky he checked it properly before buying, if you don’t know to identify a fake one, you can consult cyber security in South Florida to help you.

This gift card scam is not new, but it more common during the holidays, when there is a high demand for gift cards. Employees and storekeepers are usually instructed to check out for abnormalities at the register, but such events usually occur during the holidays when stores are very busy, and employees pay little or no attention to such things. While the packaging of gift cards has improved and some safety measures have been put in place, criminals still look for a loophole and strike when they find any.

Gift cards are very helpful when it comes to last-minute shopping, but you have to be very careful when shopping for gift cards, so you don’t end up being scammed. As a shop owner, you need the help of a firm that specializes in cyber security in South Florida to help you detect fraudulent gift cards in your shop; this will help protect the image and reputation of your shop.

There are a lot of security measures that many stores have put in place to keep their gift cards safe and secures. When you consult a firm that specializes in cyber security in South Florida, you will be shown some of the security tips you can adhere to in order to keep your gift cards safe and secure from criminals.