Boost Your Productivity With Workplace Analytics

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Workplace Analytics is an updated and upgraded version of Microsoft’s MyAnalytics. The major upgrade in the application lies in the ability managers to access it and assess their subordinates. The concept behind the upgrade is to give managers insight into the individual performance of each of their subordinates. It also provides a platform for them to assess the system with the aim of strategizing towards higher productivity, improved engagement and fair distribution of workload.

This facility is now available as an additional function to Office 365 enterprise plans. The application pulls performance and routine insights from the data gotten from Skype, documents, calendar and Office 365 email. Employees do not have to engage in any data entry exercise for the application. Office 365 email registers all the data typed on the subject line and in the main content itself. These will be used to measure the daily productivity of every employee.

This is a welcome initiative for medical IT support as they will be able to assess the productivity of every nurse and Doctor. The application has an overview dashboard with very important specific information.

Week in the Life

This provides the general information on how the entire hospital or healthcare facility utilizes their official hours and how medical staff collaborate with one another


This piece of information adds the total number of hours spent in one meeting or the other

Management and Coaching

This gives an assessment figure of staff-manger one-on-one meetings

Network and Collaboration

This assesses how the responsibilities of employees are linked together.

The major reason this tool is great for medical IT support is that its major aim is to address healthcare outfit’s most daunting challenges like staff productivity, engagement and complexity. It helps to differentiate activities from productivity.

This is very important. As a nurse, you spend the same hours at work every day but is your productivity the same? Do you attend to the same number of patients everyday? The answer is no. This is because some of your activities are not productive. Not every meeting is necessary. Issues discussed in a particular meeting could have been sent via email.

This is why managers and HR departments need to be able to come up with better strategies to improve productivity and engagement. It all starts from separating non-productive activities from productive ones. Workplace Analytics can help with that.

The data extracted by the application helps managers to be able to figure out the level of engagement of every employee. The manager goes further to deduce which of the engagement is productive and which of them is not. He also gets to know if the workload is fairly distributed among employees. If not, he will come up with adjustments. A problem identified is already half solved.

Even though a lot of big Hospitals have been using the tool, Workplace Analytics is also beneficial to small healthcare facilities. It will help them boost their productivity and bottom line. They will be able to spend more time on productive tasks.