Can Legal Firms Safely Store Their Data Online?

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In the modern business climate, IT support in Fort Lauderdale will often be asked one simple question: can legal firms store their data online without fear? This is a valid concern and any reputable legal firm will want to know that their information is not in danger of falling into the wrong hands.

When legal firms take the time to speak with IT support in Fort Lauderdale about this matter, a common thread tends to emerge. There is a fear that the information will be compromised by online hackers who are looking to use it for their own purposes. Doesn’t online storage turn the data into a sitting duck?

On the contrary, there are those who will remind reticent law firms of the importance of data storage. There are risks that need to be addressed but when law firms are willing to assess them ahead of time, they can be reduced. Cloud storage may provide law firms with a number of benefits but the risk factors cannot be ignored.

Hacking gets all of the attention because it is a bigger fear but the more common issue that gets ignored is the commonality of data loss. Data loss is not going to get the same amount of publicity but law firms place themselves at far greater risk in this regard. Any data that is kept in cloud storage needs to be backed up and safely stored in an additional location.

This keeps associates from having to spend a great deal of time and effort tracking information down that has already been lost. The same principle also works in reverse. If the data has been misplaced and cannot be found in the firm’s desktop storage, they are always able to access the information in the cloud.

Law firms must place security first and take all of the necessary precautions when it comes to storage. This will provide them with the chance to enjoy a wide range of benefits. For example, cloud storage tends to be far more safe than a typical hard drive. The data is encrypted and kept away from any employees who do not need to know more about it.

For a legal firm, most data is stored on a “need to know” basis and this makes cloud storage a pivotal aspect of their current and future planning. Cloud storage can also be accessed from any location and this makes life easier for any law firm. A sizable amount of time is saved and cases are handled with far fewer meetings.

If data is extremely sensitive, some firms may opt for more traditional forms of storage. Before any data is stored in the cloud, a law firm must be ready to assess all of the potential risks in a calm manner. These risks have to be addressed on an individual basis. Every law firm can find a place for online storage in their current infrastructure, though.