Android Oreo And Its Spiced Up Security Features

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Android 8.0 is very exciting, from its better notification control to picture-in-picture capability, improved auto-fill functionality, and so much more. Although these features are mind-blowing, a number of notable security enhancements are being included by Android, and these additions are ones you cannot afford to miss. What are these enhancements anyway? Improved Booting Security In 2013, the Verified feature for …


How Android Keyboard App Collects Sensitive Data Inappropriately

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Go Keyboard is one of the most popular Android keyboard app on Play Store with a user base of over 200 million. On the21st of September, AdGuard published findings of a research on Go Keyboard. It revealed that the developers of the app had released to the public conflicting report about how the app collects user data. The app has …


IT Support For Law Firm: How To Link Android Phones To Pc

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In a law firm where you use phones, tablets, personal computers and desktop computers, one thing is certain; you need the internet. It is convenient to use any of these gadgets interchangeably while browsing the internet. It would be nice to be able to start your work on your phone due to ease of access and finish it up on …