Tips On How To Handle Recent Adobe Security Vulnerability

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Hackers have found a loophole in the latest version of Adobe Flash player application and Adobe announced it recently. This loophole is used to gain access into computers that run on Windows. While the problem is being fixed, small and medium businesses should not wait for the solution. Rather, they should find a way to fortify or protect themselves. In …

The Benefits Of Data Visualization For Your Business

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It may interest you to know that printed materials like books make up about 6 percent of the overall data usage in the world. The other part of this figure is all digital. This statistical data is just amazing because digital information has only just been around for a few years. Even with the long existence of human or traditional …

IT Support Should Be On High Alert Following Massive Breach In Pentagon

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With the alarming rates of cybercrime being recorded, it is important that businesses look for reliable IT support in West Palm Beach. According to a team set up to monitor cyber risk, the Pentagon is leaking sensitive information to the public due to data breaches. This includes sensitive data about the army intelligence and security in the United States as …

How To Handle The Recently Announced Security Loophole

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Adobe recently announced that there is a certain security loophole in its upgraded version of Flash Player software to gain illegal access into Windows based computers. Although work is in progress to fix the issue, it is advisable for small and medium organizations whose systems are based on Windows to opt for IT support in Boca Raton to fortify their …


Android Oreo And Its Spiced Up Security Features

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Android 8.0 is very exciting, from its better notification control to picture-in-picture capability, improved auto-fill functionality, and so much more. Although these features are mind-blowing, a number of notable security enhancements are being included by Android, and these additions are ones you cannot afford to miss. What are these enhancements anyway? Improved Booting Security In 2013, the Verified feature for …


Virtual Containers: The New Trend In Medical It Support Systems

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The advent of virtualization in the mid-90s’ made large data-processing more efficient and cost-effective as large server farms could be set up to process megatons of data from anywhere in the world. Bigger companies took advantage of this to get ahead of their competition. Over the years, however, virtualization has transcended beyond the reach of only the big hitters to …


IT Support For Law Firm: How To Link Android Phones To Pc

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In a law firm where you use phones, tablets, personal computers and desktop computers, one thing is certain; you need the internet. It is convenient to use any of these gadgets interchangeably while browsing the internet. It would be nice to be able to start your work on your phone due to ease of access and finish it up on …


Google Releases A New Android OS Update

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The tech giant, Google has unveiled Android Oreo. A new and exciting OS update for Android. This software follows the successful path of the Nougat OS and enhances it further. It offers upgrades and new features to both tablets and smartphones. For Android device owners who want to know about the features of this update, here is a rundown as …


Three Reasons Why You Do Not Need A New Computer

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Computer shopping can be a really daunting task for many people. If you really want to get the best in computer shopping, there are several terms that you need to fully understand. There are also several PC components that you need to keep in mind. Also, computer support is needed to avoid loads of computer-buying mistakes. It is very important …


How To Make Good Use Of Your CRM

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Before now, it has never been easy to effectively build a rapport with customers. But thanks to customer relationship management (CRM) software which has significantly helped to simplify the process. Now, sales and marketing teams can easily track sales patterns, buying preferences, and contact information. No doubt, it is a must-have for anyone working in IT support for law practices. …