Copycat On The Prowl For Android

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Listen up Android users; new forms of malware are developed every day, and they affect you in ways that you can never imagine. In the year 2015, there were over 1.4 million created per day, making the competition high. Some of this malware had to go off the grid. One popular one was CopyCat. CopyCat CopyCat is a strain of …


Virtualization Is More Important Than You Think

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Computer hardware is equally as important as software. In fact, neither of them is less or more important than the other because each of them needs the other to function. In other words, neither of them can function without the other. The technology of virtualization tries to make each of them function separately. To underscore this point, below are a …


Prevent Ransomware With HIPPA Compliance

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As a result of new technological development in the world today, a great number of industrial firms are constantly under threat of recent cyber-attacks. One of the sectors that has been mostly affected by this development is the healthcare industry. Recently, it was discover that healthcare organizations and hospitals were among the first industries to be greatly affected by the …


Beefing Up Security Against Fruitfly, The Newest Apple Malware

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For over 10 years, Apple devices and Apple based systems have been seen as virtually invulnerable to all kinds of threats and malware. This is one of the reasons Apple is the most embraced brand for healthcare IT. Even though Apple’s invulnerability may not be 100 percent correct, it is almost true as there has never been a case of …


6 Malware Organizations Must Guard Against

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Malware or malicious software is any software used to infect computers or mobile systems, to hack into private information or display unwanted adverts. Malware is of numerous types. They are grouped depending on their method of attack and the result of their attack on a system. Malware is usually designed as a non-malicious file or software, or it is attached …