Security Fixes Released By Adobe And Microsoft

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  The second Tuesday of every month, known as Patch Tuesday, is a day set aside by IT companies to release critical fixes for their products. Last Tuesday, April 17, both Microsoft and Adobe released vital fixes for their products. For Adobe, half a dozen security holes were resolved via the update of the company’s Flash player program. For Microsoft, …


Google Set To Make Its Cloud Services Faster

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From high-end data analysis to pre-written learning modules, the Google Cloud Platform can be basically used by medical IT support for any healthcare computing task. It can only be limited by your internet connection. Interestingly, Google cloud can now be accessed in less time with improved services. Thanks to its new approach to bandwidth management. Google Cloud Platform Like Microsoft’s …


What You Should Know About NSA-Approved Mobile Virtualization

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For many years, server and desktop virtualization have been known to improve computing efficiency. With the popularization of the corporate data protection on smartphones and the mobile BYOD policies, the National Security Agency (NSA) is convinced that virtualization will provide security on mobile devices. The NSA manages a program known as Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSFC). The purpose of the …


Prevent Ransomware With HIPPA Compliance

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As a result of new technological development in the world today, a great number of industrial firms are constantly under threat of recent cyber-attacks. One of the sectors that has been mostly affected by this development is the healthcare industry. Recently, it was discover that healthcare organizations and hospitals were among the first industries to be greatly affected by the …


Why Legal Firms Should Be Proactive In Their IT Department

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Network security should be beefed up by security professionals. The security professionals should be implementing firewall software as well as diagnosing risks for breaches all the time. The truth is that they spend a significant amount of time with troubleshooting on individual computer devices. That system of handling issues is not the optimum. However, this is the regular way it …


6 Key Protective Measures Every Mac User In The Medical IT Sector Must Be Aware Of

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Unarguably, the business of medical IT support is fast evolving technologically in a pace that is threaten to medical IT support businesses that can’t adapt. The business environment in the medical IT support is extremely delicate due to sophisticated cyber criminals and heavy competition from equally or better competent competitors. Security and safety of your computer is apparently paramount to …


Virtualization: An IT Support For Improving Data Security

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Separating business data from personal ones improves its security. Desktop and server virtualization are useful in protecting information and increasing computing accuracy. This technology is simpler with mobile devices. Virtualization on such tools can be helpful in arranging and protecting data stored on a drive. Besides, it has proved to be an excellent IT support for medical practices. The National …


How To Decrypt Ransomware For Free

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Ransomware is a malware used by cyber attackers to prevent access to a computer system until an amount if money has been paid. It has recently become a popular method for extorting money from businesses, and law firms are particularly attractive for ransomware attacks. In fact, information experts have revealed that there has been a rise in this kind of …


How To Lock Your It Security Down

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IT security, also known as computer security or cyber security simply means protecting your computer system from damage or even theft. It also has to do with securing the information or software on the system from misdirection or disruption from the services they provide. The security measure may be taken by your computer network support team. They accomplish this by …