Comparing Open Source With Proprietary VoIP Systems

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The demand for Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions in South Florida keeps increasing because it comes with some innovative features and it is much more cost effective. Although there are several providers of VoIP solutions in South Florida, all the solutions are based on two major categories. All the VoIP solutions in South Florida are based on either proprietary system …


Benefits Of SaaS To Your Law Firm

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Just as the technology industry continues to run on the part of advancement, more remedies are being developed to assist law practices in reducing cost and increasing efficiency. One of these remedies that serve as an IT support for law practices is SaaS (software as a service). To know how this new software solution can benefit your law firm, first, …


Outlook.Com Has Got Some New Features

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For the sake of convenience, many businesses in the country will preferably choose to opt for Gmail as their email service provider. This is basically because it allows users to effectively synchronize their emails with Google applications. However, those seeking to have and enjoy some productivity enhancements such as increased storage capacity, an awesome design, as well as discreet ads …


New Features Of Microsoft Edge

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For better user experience, Microsoft has replaced Internet Explorer, its signature browser with the new Microsoft Edge in Windows 10. This is a welcome idea as Edge has several features you won’t see in the old Internet Explorer. Edge offers better web search optimization with some of its features. It also offers a smooth transition from any other web browser. …