Communication Options For Business

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Each year an owner sets goals for the business. One of the significant components of doing business remains communications. Now choices exist for delivery of communications for IT support in Boca Raton. The options have become on-premise, Cloud, and a hybrid of the two.

Delivery Systems

On-premise solutions for communication involve developing in-house platforms. All the necessary hardware comes to the business location for installation. A business person becomes responsible for maintaining all. Cloud services offer a hosted solution. A service provider has the hardware, and a business subscribes to a service. The network, most of the hardware, and most of the IT support in Boca Raton happen outside of the business. A company may need to buy access hardware such as routers, phones, and a switch to the system. Hybrid solutions give a business owner a combination of on-premise and Cloud communication system. One site may have all the communications hardware for a platform, but all other places the system goes to the Cloud to become dispersed to other business locations.


Business communication technologies have exploded. Clients and consumers have moved to mobile. On-premise communications do not accommodate the new technologies as well as Cloud-hosted. VoIP solution for delivery of voice over Internet Protocol continues to infiltrate the markets. IT support in Boca Raton has become customizable. For small businesses that remains a good development. Small business found full on-premise solutions expensive. Cloud hosting with its leveled subscription services gave options and allowed a small business to upgrade communications when their client levels increased. It takes contacting an expert in communications to help sort through what will work for a small business. A large segment keeps portions of on-premise and supplements with Cloud hosting creating hybrid systems.

Providers of Communication Systems

Significant leaders globally in business communications have shifted to Cloud hosting. These entities turn their clients to Cloud hosting. Mitel bought ShoreTel as of September 2017. ShoreTel clients at this time have undergone a process of moving communications to the Cloud model. Cisco bought out BroadSoft. Both lead Cloud communications. Now Cisco has added flexibility since BroadSoft’s Service Provider partners, open interface and standards-based solutions became Cisco’s. Expect a full suite of options now from that. The government legislated an update with its Telework Enhancement Act of 2010. Its implementation weans off of on-premise and moves to Cloud options. Call centers have begun moving their vast operations to the Cloud. Outcome-based services have become cost-effective, so outsourcing communications open other opportunities such as using remote workers for work overloads. Remote workers as in employees working from home, contractors or freelancers now have become a mainstay in many industries and so Cloud hosting becomes the delivery vehicle for work to home communications.