Why A Company Needs To Look Past Their Own It Team

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There are several important reasons a company needs to outsource their IT department. More companies are now waking up to that reality. Some of the reasons for this paradigm shift have been outlined below.

Fixed cost

Outsourcing the IT needs of a company gives them a fixed cost as the service provider usually bears all the contingent expenses. The company will be able to adhere strictly to their budget. This also allows company to pay for exactly what they used.

Lower cost

Computer network support gives more cost-effective IT service as it is more expensive to hire full time IT staff that may not work every day. Being a permanent staff means he gets to earn his full pay whether he works or not. What makes it worse is that IT professionals earn relatively higher than other professionals. But third party computer support is much cheaper as you pay an agreed amount monthly.

Certified staff

Computer support service providers often hire the best and the most qualified and certified IT professionals. This implies that your company can get the services of a certified IT personnel without bearing the direct cost.

IT Devices are unnecessary

Computer network support is all about remote services. A company’s database and all applications are stored, managed and accessed remotely. This is why third party IT service is sometimes referred to as cloud services support. So, companies enjoying cloud support do not need to buy IT devices. The few ones they need will be provided by the cloud support provider.


Since the cloud services support team handles their clients’ servers in their own location, if the office of the client is destroyed by fire, flood or other disaster, their database will still be intact. This is one of the major benefits of this kind of service.

Regular update and upgrade

When a company outsources their IT department they get a regular upgrade and update on all their applications. This updates often include security patches. This means that their system will be safe from all kinds of viruses, malwares and Trojan horses and it will also be safe from hackers. The best thing about these regular updates is that it is usually not done during official hours so they won’t interrupt your official activities.

Unlimited storage space

Third party IT services are often based on Cloud technology, clients cannot run out of space. This is because the technology works in such a way that clients’ resources are super-compressed to the barest minimum size to take as less space as possible.


Being qualified or certified is totally different from being experienced. Employees of IT support service providers are often not only certified and qualified, they are also often experienced as they would have seen many issues several times. Those familiar issues will be very easy for them to resolve.