Competition Between Cloud Service Suppliers Can Benefit Small Business

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Running a Small Business may not leave a lot of time to keep up with all that is going on in the cloud computing arena. Microsoft, Amazon, and Google are taking different paths and offering different cloud technologies that can benefit Small Business tremendously.

The competition between the tech giants is very tough. One example of the deep dollar driven basis for Small Business customers is the fact that Microsoft and Google planned their premiere show for new cloud tech for the same week in 2018. Small Business owners would be well advised to consult IT support in Boca Raton before just jumping in on anything the big companies have to offer.

Smaller companies like Oracle have adapted newer technologies to operate in the cloud. The advantage to small business from the start is a lower initial price. The price of some cloud operating systems that combine the majority of what were once human functions are surprising low. The downside is that the present systems have been found to have a number of potential to expose sensitive data. Again, the advice of IT support in Boca Raton could prevent a major loss of trust and money.

Some of the more important trends in cloud technology that Small Business will see in 2018 are:


Some companies are designing their programs to communicate smoothly and efficiently with the equipment from their competitors. Microsoft is a leader in this path. The idea is to make systems that work with any Small Business tech so costs stay low.

Superior Technology

Google has elected to adopt a position of tying their Small Business clients to Google’s tech. The advantage is a vastly superior speed and data centers that offer superior security with better cooling technology. The downside is that the client is locked into a contract.

Adding services

Amazon is not the first company that people think about as a source of cloud computing. The cloud computing segment of Amazon was second to Microsoft by a little more than one-half billion dollars in 2017. Amazon’s plan is to add services. The services that Amazon adds are the result of Small Business client’s requests.

Automate it all

Oracle is leading the way with an adaptive intelligence system that can essentially automate a majority of the functions of a Small Business that is involved in manufacturing. The system learns what the business is doing and improves on each function.

The system can accommodate quality control, ordering, inventory, maintenance, HR, supplier management, and even customer relationships. There is a potential downside. People can be eliminated from jobs. The open source development framework that produces data breaches is eliminated.

The competition between the world’s largest cloud computing companies for top position has become a benefit for Small Business. Products have improved and become more secure. Prices have dropped as each company attempts to grasp the majority of market share.