Computer Care Tips

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You would be surprised by how many computer issues we see at managed IT services that could have been avoided if the computer was just more carefully cared for. There are many simple tips that can allow your computer to live longer and healthier. Just follow these simple guidelines and you will see extra years on your computer and save a few trips to managed IT services.

  1. Back up your computer and delete files you do not need. So many computers are so clogged with useless files that eat up prime memory space. Getting an external hard drive to back up your computer keeps it clean and functioning effectively.
  2. Perform computer cleanups. Your computer probably came with a cleanup tool. It will get rid of the files eating up computer space or even harmful files. Also remember to empty tour recycle bin!
  3. Keep your computer clean. Yes, your actual computer. In Florida, we see people who bring their computers everywhere: the beach, Starbucks, the backyard. And they get sand, dirt, and even food, in the keyboard and sometimes even more important parts of the computer. The computer cannot function with filth, so be sure to keep it clean.
  4. Go for regular checkups. Just like people, computers should have checkups. Make sure it is running optimally by doing checkups on your computer for functionality. Your IT professionals will thank you.
  5. Be sure your virus detectors are up to date. No one likes malware. Be sure to avoid any bugs with the most recent virus detectors so that you can be sure your computer is always functioning at full capacity.