Copycat On The Prowl For Android

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Listen up Android users; new forms of malware are developed every day, and they affect you in ways that you can never imagine. In the year 2015, there were over 1.4 million created per day, making the competition high. Some of this malware had to go off the grid. One popular one was CopyCat.


CopyCat is a strain of malware, repackaged with popular applications and uploaded on third-party application stores. The malware has attacked Android users around the world, with an estimate of over 14million devices since 2015. South-East Asia took the major hit, while the United States has recorded over 280,000 attacks.

As Androids are very common in business and its operations, several businesses around the world have suffered from the malicious attack of the copycat malware. The medical sector which utilizes of several medical apps has lost a great deal due to this malware.

Dangers of CopyCat

On the installation of your favorite medical application, your device is immediately infected with the malware. The malware immediately hijacks operation of your device leaving you defenseless by downloading rootkits that mess with your device security.

CopyCat downloads another application, which recodes your device Zygote. By controlling the Zygote which can launch every app on your device, all the information about downloaded and opened applications can be exposed.

With this information, the Referrer ID of every application on your phone can be replaced. Instead of the app creator, the hacker is then able to get all revenues from in-app adverts and apply adverts to these hijacked applications to earn more revenues.

It is evident that the hackers are concerned with advert revenues. However, they can dig further to collect personal information and data stored on your Android device. As medical personnel, some of this information could be patient files and history, compromising the privacy and security of your patients.

Protection against Malware

Android 5.0 devices and early Android OS devices suffer the most from the malware. Google released an update for Google play on the advent of the malware and had combed through the app store to tie every loose end and take other security measures.

Google’s security system, Play Protect, was created to scan applications, protect browser and act as an anti-theft barrier. Once activated, you can be assured of your Android device security. It is also advised also to avoid third-party application stores, as they fuel the spread of the malware.

When all fails, Medical IT support experts are also available, to help you prevent such attacks. Medical IT support experts contribute to ensuring that your devices are safe and protected from this malware, ensuring your privacy and security.

Having knowledge of all the goings-on in the android world will help protect you against cyber-attacks and their damages. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on how to get the best medical IT support.