The Costs of Not Upgrading Your Computer Network

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Many times, the cost of new hardware is the only item that is looked at when a business is thinking about upgrading their computer network. However, the cost of hardware is not only factor for not upgrading or having computer repair done. The hidden costs of not upgrading your computer network at the end of its life can be huge. Here are some of the hidden costs caused by not upgrading.

  1. The Unknown Costs of Security Breaches

Some IT Services and Support companies think it is possible to make an estimate of the cost of repairing a computer network after a security beach has occurred. However, it is not just the cost of having the repairs done by an IT services and Support Company; there is also the damage to your business reputation. The damage from a security breach can be bad, or it could mean the end of your business.  This is why having managed IT services for healthcare practices and law firms has become very important in the last few years.

Techaisle did research about the computers that are most at risk for a security breaches. They found that computers that were 4 years old suffered 53% more security breaches. Since the number of cyber-attacks on all types of businesses is still increasing at an alarming rate, the amount of security breaches will continue to do the same.

  1. Software That Is Slowing the Network

There is only so much that computer network support can do before the network slows down due to limitations in the software. Keeping computers that are around 5 years old will cost double the amount to maintain, than a new computer.

The biggest problem that computer network support runs into when doing updates is the high chance of failure in older models. This can be very time-consuming for your IT services and support team.

  1. Older Hardware Costs Money

While it takes IT services and support teams time to fix software, it also costs money. When you need to have computer repairs done to extend the life of older computer, it can lead to injury and more expensive parts. Intel estimates that the cost of maintaining a fleet of 200 desktop computers that are four years old could be over $13,000.

Not all the leaps that technology has are flashy, but staying up to date is important to keeping your costs down. If you are wondering about if you should upgrade, and what you should upgrade to, and IT service and Support Company can recommend the best option for your business. While the upfront costs can seem high for new computers for your network, the hidden costs of older computers will stack up quickly.