Cross-Border Deal Focuses On The Role Of UC In VoIP Tech

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The VoIP market has a lot to offer and talk about when it comes to flexibility. But most times, it is small tech firms that are working with smaller businesses demands that usually end up with a significant edge. Also, this makes them a more attractive target for bigger firms.

When it comes to VoIP, very big UC (unified Communications) firms that don’t have VoIP services or want to enhance the degree of flexibility they offer will spend a huge amount of money to buy out providers of VoIP. They do this not because of the market shares they have but, instead, due to their know-how. If you are running an IT business, you need adequate IT support in Boca Raton.

A smart communication platform which is known as Ooma has shown interest in purchasing Voxter Communications (this company is a specialist in UCaaS solution space for enterprise and mid-market businesses). Voxter will assist the office solution of Ooma for small and medium scale businesses; it will also give more confidence to the company when working in the small and medium enterprise market.

Voxter based in Canada provides VoIP solutions that are fully hosted, and it has been known for the quality service it provides in feature-rich voice architecture which can be tailored to the specific needs and wants of smaller businesses. The company also offers its users video conferencing, instant messaging, integration and contact center capabilities with mobile devices.

The deal is highly profitable, and it makes a whole lot of sense for Ooma that is based in California, that took up its advanced engineering talent and technology to support their already existing package of unified communication.

An aspect of the deal was the customization level was offering to its customers – Ooma wants to be able to provide such solution to bigger businesses in the United States also. Ooma can now offer medium and large scale businesses with solutions that can be uniquely tailored to suit their personal needs. The economic terms of the transaction and the revenue of Voxter will not be made known to the public. A strong IT support in Boca Raton can be a plus to your business.

Key Takeaways

  • Unified communication Ooma has bought Voxter because the VoIP technology of Voxter is highly flexible and attractive.
  • Ooma wants to get this highly flexible VoIP technology to its bigger clients as well.
  • Unified communication companies that do not have a VoIP component or are looking for ways to better improve their already existing VoIP services will put smaller players out of business if they deem it necessary within their business.
  • M&A activity in situations like this show how important VoIP tech is when it comes to the overall unified communication portfolio for bigger firms.