Cyber Security Consulting In Boca Raton And Emerging Tech In 2018

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Much of the “new” tech that was hyped in 2017 will become a reality for Small Business in 2018. IBM, Google, Microsoft and several small companies are poised to present new tools and functionalities that can truly revolutionize Small Business. This is a real profit revolution not a tech revolution.

A major problem with new tech has always been security. The cybercriminals that want to take your data and your customer’s money are just as aware of the new tech that is coming as the developers are. They are ready for it. This is why you need the added help that Cyber security Consulting in Boca Raton can give you.

Manufacturers and developers of new technology have attempted to enhance security by separating physical locations of software and equipment. The ability to store and use software in the “cloud” has greatly enhanced the potential for better security. Software defined security and networks failed to prevent recent large scale hacks of data.

The more interesting and functional developments that Small Business will use in 2018 are:

  • Artificial Intelligence

Take Google as an example. The artificial intelligence at Google decides where your website will be placed on searcher’s screens. AI can be used to promote your Small Business by reading Google’s mind and your client’s minds. AI may improve the efficiency of some operations.

  • Immersive Experiences

Mixed reality, augmented reality, and virtual reality are finally affordable to the masses. These tools are expected to be the most prolific selling machines for Small Business in the next decade. The idea is to allow the customer to feel and experience your product without coming to your location.

  • Digitally Aware Devices

The technology that produces personalization and local branding is now available to Small Businesses. You do the same thing that Google has been doing by buying time on a mainframe if you do not have one. You do this because your client’s expect it.

  • 5G

Better quality video and graphics are what 5G does. Three-dimensional presentation of what you have to sell is a realistic potential. The idea is to make your product move and display itself so that it becomes irresistible.

  • Hardware becomes software

A number of the devices that once were part of a huge mainframe have been redesigned to run as software. There is no physical maintenance required. The physical space is freed up and the electrical use decreases.

  • Cryptocurrency as a service

Cryptocurrency has become the preferred internet currency due to recent changes in value. Blockchain technology allows a client’s records to be maintained accurately in a cloud based format that preserves the record.

  • Internet of Things

There is an app that controls everything or there soon will be. Look for apps that make your business run more efficiently. Apps that enhance the utility of anything you sell add value. People have grown to expect to have a machine do things for them. You have to cater to that concept.

  • Brain chips

Chips have been designed that function just like the neurons in the human brain. The chips are faster and use less energy. The chips were developed to make AI work as well as possible. The change to this type of chip gives you a competitive edge.

  • No servers

All of your computing needs can be handled in the cloud. You pay to play. You pay based on what you actually use at present so your Small Business computing budget can decrease tremendously and you get better performance.

Again, take warning. The great new tech comes with a security risk. Those who make their money stealing from Small Business already know how to beat the security measures that come with the new tech for 2018. You need professional Cyber security Consulting in Boca Raton to prevent loss.