Cyber Security in Fort Lauderdale: Vital Updates For MacOS High Sierra

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cyber-security-services-west-palm-beachThe latest update for MacOS version 10.13.1 High Sierra enhances the reliability, stability, and security of your Mac and it is highly recommended that every user updates their Mac. In a lot of OS updates, this is a standard message, but only a few people pay close attention to it. But this time around, the latest MacOS update from Apple comes with a security update that is very important and crucial in protecting your devices from KRACK. If you cannot run the update by yourself, you can get help from Cybersecurity in Fort Lauderdale.

Why You Need to Update Your MacOS High Sierra Now

One of the additions to this MacOS updates that Apple made known on their list is the addition of seventy new emoji to the already existing ones. Although a lot of people will find this very exciting, the most important and significant reason to update your MacOS to the latest version is the security patch it came with to handle security flaw of the KRACK Wi-Fi.

For those that do not know what KRACK is, KRACK is short for Key Reinstallation AttaCk, and it was discovered not too long ago by a group of researchers that found some serious vulnerability in almost every device that has Wi-Fi connectivity ability, and this is not only for Mac systems. It tends to compromise WPA2, and WPA2 is a standard security protocol (SSP) that provides protection for a lot of Wi-Fi networks, and it intercepts data that flows from a router to a wireless device. This tends to make your login information, personal messages, and other very important data vulnerable to attack.

Besides compromising the information on your device, when a KRACK attack is successful, it can infect your OS with ransomware and some other dangerous malware. When you update your OS to the latest version, you are providing your OS with the latest security patch that will make it less vulnerable to KRACK and improve its security in general. If you are not tech savvy, you might need help with this update, and you can get help from Cybersecurity in Fort Lauderdale.

Some other MacOS updates That Are Relevant

Besides the security patch that comes with the latest update, it as well fixes the issue that makes Bluetooth to be unavailable when carrying out Apple Pay transactions. It also enhances Microsoft Exchange messages synchronization, fixes a bug in the keyboard, and it also improves the accessibility setting of Touch ID.

To perform this update by yourself, open App Store, click on the update tab, and all the available updates for your devices will show at the top of the app. When you update to the latest available update, you will be safe from a lot of security threats, and you will also enjoy a system with better performance.