How To Prevent Or Detect Security Breaches In Your System

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What makes malwares and viruses dangerous is that they will lie low in a hidden location like a submarine in the waters of your system and continue to wreak havoc undetected for a long time. Some of them go unnoticed for weeks, months of even a year.

The most worrisome part is that the search for compromises usually begins only when the damages begin to manifest. If the database of a medical facility becomes corrupt, the consequences will be disastrous. This is why cyber security services need to pre-empt all security breaches. They don’t only have to prevent it, they also need to continuously search for it as early detection will prevent extensive damages. Here are a few tips to prevent or detect security compromises.

Cyber Security Services:Prevent Or Detect Security Breaches

Let Your In-House IT Team Work With Third Party Cyber Security Team

They say two heads are better than one. Merging forces makes a team stronger. Nobody understands your system better than your internal IT team so they have a huge role to play in the prevention of malwares and security breaches. It is even better when they are supported by outside cyber security services. Missing records of patients will lead to wrong diagnosis and wrong prescriptions. In fact, missing records will lead to a medical catastrophe.

Restrict access to sensitive information

Access to important and sensitive files should be restricted . For instance, access to patients’ medical records should require the approval of a medical doctor. When access is streamlined, chances of security breach will be reduced tremendously.

Segment your network

It is another good security practice to segment your network . This helps in two ways. It will help you restrict access to your database. If all the data a particular employee needs is in segment A, you can restrict his access to only that segment. But if your network is not segmented, that employee will have access to every part of the network.

It works the same way for hackers. If a kickass hacker somehow finds his way into your system, he will be restricted to only a particular segment. Otherwise, he will have access to the whole system and that is bad especially for healthcare providers.

Put Several Security Layers in Place

Remember how kings were protected in their fortress-like castles in those days. They were surrounded with several concentric walls of defense. So, before an attack gets to the last wall, the king would have been evacuated. This is applicable to cyber security too. Create several layers of security for your system. The higher the number of layers you install, the more difficult your security will be to break and the less attractive your system will be to hackers.

Stay Up to Date

Update and upgrade all your applications at the first prompt. This is necessary because plugging security loopholes is one of the common reasons for software update and upgrade. The earlier you install the update, the safer your system will be.

Conclusively, although all the tips given above will contribute greatly to the safety of your system, using the latest data detection tools to conduct regular searches for malwares is the best strategy of all.

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