Cyberattacks Could Also Come From Within

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When it comes to cyber security in West Palm Beach, companies usually focus on keeping potential outside attackers at bay but often forget that attacks could also come from within. The attacker may be a third-party service provider or an employee.

Cyber Security: Cyber Attacks

There are three major reasons for an employee to cause a major security breach. Your employee could give away certain sensitive data for financial gain. You may have disgruntled employee waiting for an opportunity to get back at you for being maltreated. Most commonly, one of your employees could just make a little mistake that will spell doom for your organization.

Of course, outside threats are important but cyber security in West Palm Beach should also focus on potential attacks from inside. Your best employee could be your worst enemy.

Tips on Cyber Security in West Palm Beach

Ensure you have an effective disposal system

People have been able to get sensitive data from poorly disposed storage devices in the past and it can happen again. So, disposing IT equipment and physical files should have a laid down procedure that ensures proper disposal. Every document should be shredded into pieces and storage devices like the hard disk should be formatted completely before disposal.

It is not enough to just delete all the files from the hard disk. You know there are applications that can scan devices and restore files that were deleted from the devices.


Your IT service provider should carry everyone along on each of their instructions. Some repeated security measures can be tiring and employees may choose to ignore them but when they have an idea of the implication of not carrying out all security related tasks, it will motivate them better.

Access should be restricted

Access to all the data on your system should be restricted. In fact, access should be given on a need basis. Every employee should have access to only the information that they need to do their jobs. Only you and your top executives should have access to all information [].

Test the Security Level of Your System

It is always a good idea to put your system to regular security check. It will enable you discover vulnerabilities that a disgruntled employee can exploit.

Make It a Big Offense For Any Employee To Ignore Security Prompts

Carelessness and ignoring security prompts have contributed to the high rate of internal and external attacks. So, let your employee know that the company does not take the issue of security negligence lightly []. One little mistake could shake your company to its foundation.

Security Installations Should Not Reduce Official Hours

If possible, all security installations, upgrade, and update should be done at non-official hours so that your employees won’t have to pause their work and log out. Remember, reducing your official hours will take its toll on the general productivity of your company.

Most importantly, don’t leave out potential attacks from outside. Focus on warding off potential attacks from inside and outside.