DoD (Department of Defense) In 2018 –What Small Business Must Know

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cyber-security-and-data-security-services-west-palm-beachThe U. S. Department of Defense is the first to institute rigid cyber security measures on all suppliers beginning in 2018. Small Business that feeds the giants in the industry is forced to comply. The Small Business that supplies a tiny fraction of a drawing or even sends a memo involving a Defense Department contract falls under the guidelines of 2016 Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement.

A Small Business that deals with one of the major defense suppliers may find itself in a catch up situation in 2018. The business needs the big supplier’s contract but the big supplier failed to inform the Small Business about the new regulations or the time frame for implementation. Subcontractors are highly likely to need tech support in West Palm Beach in order to be in compliance.

The new rules are exacting. The reasons are national security and defense. The growing number of data thefts from large businesses should make Small Business worry. No data involving any Department of Defense information can be stored in the cloud at all. The companies that sold Small Business on the safety and cyber security of the cloud are now facing litigation by large corporations who got hacked in the cloud. The DoD demands that data stay on encrypted hard drives. The encryption is specific.

Small Business will have to update and upgrade their security software package. Data storage machinery must be updated if the business is to be compliant with the new DoD regulations. Small Business owners must engage their attorneys to revise their cyber security compliance documentation. The rewrite should happen after all new software and hardware is installed and tested. Even those who have an in house IT team could benefit from tech support in West Palm Beach that has experience in DoD compliance.

Many Small Businesses are unaware of the extent that the new DoD regulations have on their business engagements. The old ways of thinking about data security will not work. The company that is four times removed from direct contact with the DoD is still subject to the new cyber security regulations if you transmit any information to that company that came from or goes to the DoD. Loss of business is just the beginning of your problems.

This change is necessary and inevitable. Your Small Business must be in compliance by the end of 2018 if you plan on continuing to do business with the Department of Defense or a DoD supplier. Expectations are that all U. S. Government agencies will adopt similar cyber security protocols. Any Small Business that deals with any agency must be ready for the change.

Make a plan now. Target your vulnerabilities and find the solutions that fit the DoD guidelines. Get some help from tech support in West Palm Beach if you do not have it already. The main idea here is not to lose money because you did not know about the changes.