Using Artificial Intelligence To Keep Hackers At Bay

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Cyber security is becoming a more difficult task as cyber criminals are not resting on their oars. They work day and night to detect security loopholes. This is why no security feature works for long before hackers break into it. However, over the years, their main strategies have not changed much.

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They usually capitalize on human errors like entering confidential details into fraudulent sites, opening dangerous attachments, and clicking links. Unfortunately, things are getting worse. Hackers have begun to use AI to carry out their nefarious acts . This is why it has become necessary to use AI for cyber security too.

Law firms are often hackers’ target and so IT support for law firms should revolve round cyber security with AI. Here are a few ways to secure your system with AI

Hire a third party provider of IT support for law practices with AI knowledge

As a law firm, it is important to hire a third party IT support for law practices that is also proficient in AI. Many companies have already adopted the use of AI for cyber security and you should join the bandwagon too. You don’t want to imagine what will happen if the details of your clients are made public by hackers.

Store details of your employees

The identification details of your employees should be taken by your system. Important details like voice, fingerprint and others should be automatically captured and stored on your system. That way, anybody whose details is not on the system will not be able to access your system from any location.

Capture all details about attacks

With AI technology, every detail about any cyber attack can be studied. The time, the strategy used, the application used, entry point, location, and all other details of the attack and the attacker will be studied and analyzed. That way, it will be easy to pre-empt such attacks and prevent it in future.

Prioritize security warning

Many security applications generate too many warnings, most of which end up being false alarms. So, cyber security teams are sometimes overwhelmed with too many warnings that they stop responding to all warnings. A good AI-based security system should be able to follow all warnings automatically and should also be able to take actions on the ones that turn out to be true.

Ability to predict attacks

By studying and analyzing all necessary data, AI-based cyber security facility should be able to predict when an attack will occur and how it will occur. This will go a long way in helping your cyber security team brace up for the attack.

Detection of security loopholes

While hackers keep watching over your system 24/7 for vulnerabilities, your security application should also do the same. But before hackers detect any, your facility should have discovered and plugged it. Make this a continuous exercise.

Most importantly, you should always try to think ahead of hackers. When any technology emerges, find the ways through which hackers can use it in their favor and fortify your system against them.