Cybersecurity Consulting in Boca Raton: The Intel Security Flaw is Affecting Your Business Too

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If you work in Cybersecurity Consulting in Boca Raton you will be aware of the latest Intel specific hardware bug potentially affecting your system. It allows userspace applications to access protected memory in the kernel and slows you down. No Small Business can afford time lost when systems are on a go slow. Time lost means profits go down. We must identify and work on the problem quickly to help us all. If indeed, there is a problem at all. Intel and AMD are giving out contradictory information. Intel says there is a problem. AMD disagrees. and has produced the cyber-security-services-intel-security-flawfollowing statement:

“The AMD microarchitecture does not allow memory references, including speculative references, that access higher privileged data when running in a lesser privileged mode when that access would result in a page fault.”

Why does AMD say there is no problem? Either there is a problem or there is not. Why are Intel and AMD saying different things? If there is a problem it is serious. Intel say it could affect all computers produced with Intel chips for the last ten years and lead to serious security breaches although to date, non have happened. Is the problem specific to some kinds of architecture and AMD have not identified it. Google experts claim to have identified flaws in Intel, AMD and ARM chips. Yet, to date, there are no reported security breaches.

Using the patch, CPU is still affected by a 5-30% slow down rate. Just how much depends on your processor design and the tasks you ask it to do. Why is a patch needed at all if the problem does not exist? Of course, you will know if your system is running slow. But then you will need to consider if the problem is caused by this particular bug. Systems run slow for all sorts of reasons.

Even a small slow down in CPU will cause problems for a small business. Time is money. It is important to us all to identify and work out the best way of dealing with the potential problem if indeed, there is one. No Cybersecurity firm wants hardware with potential security breaches. Intel says it is industry-wide. AMD claims it cannot happen. Where does the truth lie? Are you a Small Business and have you been affected? Is your system running slow? Or, is business pretty much as usual?

Future articles will consider whether AMD enterprise offerings using Intel are affected by the bug and how to deal with the problem until Intel design a new chip. If indeed they need a new chip at all. If you are working in Cybersecurity Consulting in Boca Raton let us know what you think.