Cybersecurity Consulting In West Palm Beach: How Apple Pay Works

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In this fast-paced world where everyone is constantly on the move, more ways are being introduced to make it faster. It is believed that as revolutionary methods are provided to simplify doing things, this would make time available for other things. An indirect result of this is that people can become more productive with their time.

While this can be seen as a good thing, it has also helped raise the security consciousness in people. Almost every aspect of human living now has an element of computer technology embedded in it. Apparently, this makes the process of living and getting things done simplified and such is the case with Apple Pay.

What Is Apple Pay?

It is a new payment method specifically designed for both iPhone and iWatch users. It allows credit card payments and transactions to be done with relative ease through their mobile device without any complications. In essence, this reduces the middlemen in the transaction process between your bank, and the merchant you’re are buying from. Also, the access to your credit card numbers by intermediaries reduces too.

How Does Apple Pay Work for Cybersecurity Consulting in West Palm Beach

In place of the middlemen, Apple Pay works directly with the institution which issued your credit card. This is done so that when linked to your digital wallet, a Device Account Number (DAN) is assigned to it. After which your bank stores the DAN in their database and is stored on your phone and Apple’s servers too. To ensure your credit card numbers are safe, they get deleted from their Apple’s servers and are replaced with your DAN.

With this, transactions can be done using your DAN at all merchant stores that accept payment through Apple Pay. When you need to make payments, your DAN will be transmitted by putting your phone close to the merchant’s payment terminal. Authorization of payment through the encrypted connection can only be permitted after you have scanned your fingerprint.

The time it takes to complete transaction is approximately the same as you swiping your card through the EPOS. This method of payment helps you keep your credit card number secured and not have it on the merchant’s records. Also, in the case of attempted theft of your DAN, it is of no use without your fingerprint.

As earlier indicated, new payment platforms such as this have peaked awareness with regards how much protection a person has. Also, since it involves linking and making payments using a credit card, how much of a person’s data is at risk. Just as a customer contemplates this, so do small business owners who are wary of taking any risks. Hence, the need to patronize the professional that offers cybersecurity consulting in West Palm Beach for added security.