Cybersecurity In Fort Lauderdale: How Artificial Intelligence Affects Business

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AI is currently the center of attraction in the business world. Many people believe that it will replace core segments of the workforce. Others believe that it will support the knowledge workers of today and provide capabilities beyond the capacity of a human being. There is some truth in these statements.

Tata Consultancy Services conducted a poll that showed that about 84 percent of firms that took part in the poll see AI as vital to competitiveness. These companies also believed that AI would cut the headcount in some departments while also creating more jobs to handle AI capabilities. Another article published in a recent Harvard business review, the current uses of AI does not show a plan to replace humans.

Information Technology

Experts on Cybersecurity in Fort Lauderdale are one of the first people to adopt AI in different fields. For instance, companies now use AI to combat cyber attacks. AI apps can spot and track various hacking strategies. This capability is valuable to experts on Cybersecurity in Fort Lauderdale. It helps them catch hackers in their tracks and makes them more useful to their brands.


AI is also popular in the manufacturing industry. Machine-to-machine communication covers this aspect. AI is used to organize machines used for production quicker than humans can. When there is a production problem, the AI application shuts down the production line, and humans are alerted to fix the problem.

Sales, Customer Service, and Marketing

AI is currently used in customer service to make employees work harder. The systems interact with individuals who call the support center and help them resolve their issues or redirect them to the appropriate channels. Such applications satisfy customers since they have a set of questions that solve their problems quicker. Company support representatives benefit from this technology since they can now concentrate on solving problems that require expertise.

Sales and marketing professionals aren’t left out. AI is used to identify and qualify leads. An exercise that takes time and resources. Such lead scoring hastens marketing as the leads are quickly passed to the sales team. AI helps gather information, analyze and this leads to more customers.

Also, when the leads pass through the sales process, more information can be gotten and used to provide more personalized conversion paths.


AI is useful to accounting as well. It can handle time-consuming tasks in the accounting department such as processing invoices. The traditional method of processing invoices involved staff members opening envelopes of invoices and entering them into the accounting system. It is then assigned to a general ledger account and approved for payment.

Will Machines Replace Staffs?

Most companies are seeing the economic importance of AI machines, but they do not view them as applications that will replace employees. It works with some employees and frees up time for employees to handle strategic functions.

AI still has a long way to go. Maybe it will replace people in the future. But right now, it will save time and offer insight into operations and customers.