Cybersecurity In South Florida: How To Boost Your Security With Windows Hello

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Microsoft has just raised the bar again. With the new technology, biometric logins can now recognize the fingerprint, face and eyes of the user of any Microsoft device. So this solves the problem of information theft among employees in small businesses.

With this new security feature set up on your laptop, nobody will be able to gain access into your PC to steal your information without your permission. According to providers of cybersecurity in South Florida, this is welcome development.

Once you set it up on your system, there will be no need for password anymore. The new security feature on Windows 10 is tagged Windows Hello. All it requires is any of your face, eye scan, or your fingerprint to grant you access.

Since face is involved, the technology will definitely raise privacy issue. However, this should not be a problem since Microsoft has made it clear that the biometric data is stored on your device and not on Microsoft’s servers. Although Microsoft assured its customers that third parties cannot gain access to your biometric data, experts of cybersecurity South Florida have warned that users should still tread cautiously on this.

It is not uncommon for employees in small businesses to use one another’s system to commit fraud or even still information from each other’s system. Once you set it up on all the systems, this will cease as none of them will be able to access another employee’s system.

Here is how to set up Windows Hello on your system

You need a webcam in addition to your laptop or desktop. Needless to say you should be on Windows 10. Go to Settings and select Account. From there, select Sign-in options. From there, go to Hello section. Here, you will see the set up options for fingerprint, iris, or face. You can select your preferred security option and then follow the prompts.

It is advisable to save your biometric data to increase accuracy. It is also necessary to state that `each time you scan, more data is collected by your system. So, you may want to run several scans before you enable the login feature.

At this juncture, you should understand that this is not a replacement for password security. Rather, it is in addition to it. So, your password will still be available after setting up Windows Hello. This is necessary because of the days when your camera may be faulty or not operational.

Contrary to what you are thinking right now, this does not mean you will be the only person that can use your system. After setting it up, you can add friends and family members that share the device with you.

However, each of them will have to set up their own separate biometric profiles in a separate account so that each of you can still maintain your privacy.