Data Hacking: How It Is Happening To More Businesses

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Data security has been a topic of great concern because of the recent surge in data breaches. Countries are still trying to figure out how best to put in place cyber laws that help protect individuals and businesses operating online.

Why Data Breaches Can Be Disastrous For Companies

Company data breaches are serious offenses because the hackers responsible are now privy to sensitive information such as employee bank accounts and personal data. Hackers can steal from the bank accounts of both the employees and the company itself. They can also sell the company’s information to a third party, which even though it is illegal, they will still do it anyway.

Over 120 million company data breaches were reported in 2015 alone. The number continues to multiply in 2016. Data breach scientists estimate that more than 8 hundred million personal business data will be compromised in the near future.

The famous Panama Papers incident highlights the extent hackers can go to, to expose information. More than 11 million personal documents were leaked online. This created mass panic and it is easy to understand why. Another victim of online hacking was Sony Inc. Company emails were leaked to the public which led to a series of backlash from the public. With such incidents becoming the norm, companies would be unwise to not think strategically about their cyber security.

The fact that there are hackers prepared to break into company computers, steal valuable data and sell it to competitors should be a clear warning for all businesses. Going on the offensive and ensuring that all company computers and networks are protected is vital.

How to Protect Your Business

The biggest mistake to make is probably to not have a security team on board. If you are operating a medium-sized business, you owe it to yourself to hire qualified cyber security personnel.

If the company is not too keen on paying for a permanent IT technician then the best option is to look for a company that offers managed IT services. If your business happens to be in Palm Beach then you are fortunate because you can access managed IT services in West Palm Beach from some of the best IT technicians in the country.

Benefits of Working with an IT company that Manages your IT Services

  • All work can be done remotely. You don’t even need to meet with your IT specialists. You can discuss everything via telephone or other online means.
  • You don’t have the extra burden of paying for a full-time employee. This means you can cut down on an extra salary and potential employee benefits.
  • You only pay for the service your business needs. No extras and no hidden costs.
  • Risks can be monitored and eliminated immediately.

Getting managed IT services in West Palm Beach is probably one of the best things you can do for your business.