Data Leaks Are Aggregated On The Dark Web By Hackers

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As always, it is not possible for any industry to keep functioning without its dark side, even large data is not an exception. In the last couple of years, a lot of data have been stolen from some major social media platforms such as Dropbox, Tumblr, Twitter,  LinkedIn, and Facebook and sold on the dark web.

Providers of email services did not fare better also, and earlier this year, over twenty million Yahoo and Gmail account information also found their way to the dark web marketplaces. As at December last year, what was believed to be the single largest data leak was discovered by security researchers, but they believe it might be an accumulation of previous data instead of a new leak.

Still, all the data that was discovered has now been arranged, decrypted, alphabetized neatly and offered in a format that is much readable. This disturbing information was unraveled by a dark web monitoring firm, and they said they discovered over 40GB of data files that contain over 1.4 billion login details, including usernames, passwords, emails – all in clear and readable text format.

The two previous leaks which were believed to be the biggest were the Onliner Spambot database with the details of 711 accounts and the with details of 593 million accounts. The theory that the latest data leak is an accumulation of data instead of a new leak is greatly supported by comparing the leak sizes. This is why you need the help of tech support in West Palm Beach to provide you with a better security system.

It is much easier and faster to find passwords in this database. For example, when you search for “root,” “administrator,” or “admin,” you will be provided with more than 200,000 admin usernames and password in a couple of seconds – according to a dark web monitoring firm.The big question and major problem now aren’t just how similar data robberies can be prevented in the future, but how they can be figured out and how users can be protected whenever such a thing happens. This is why every business needs to work with strong, well-established tech support in West Palm Beach.

The United State government is presently considering legislation that will make hiding of breached customer information a crime that is punishable by a minimum of five years in jail. After the legislation is passed, any company that purposely hides a breach of customer data will likely face a jail term, and they will serve for up to five years.

Recently, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) uploaded a database containing fake data of customers on a website that is frequently visited by cybercriminals, and they observed how these hackers broke into the website, and it took them only nine minutes to do that. The hackers tried to use the information to purchase gadgets, clothing, food, and games.